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The Sylvan Sport Go Camper Trailer

The Sylvan Sport Go Camper Trailer July 25, 20095 Comments

The Go was designed with one obvious thought in mind, versatility.  Referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of Campers I find it really intriguing and a definite topic of conversation at any campsite harboring one.  Trust me, your neighbors will be coming over and inquiring about it so its a great way to meet your camping neighbor.  So lets break it down quick and see why we like the Go and why the Go is just plain fun.

Starting on the road you will find the go can accommodate all your toys including bicycles, kayaks, watercrafts,  and even ATVs when converted to ATV mode.  The best part is that with a weight of less than 800 lbs (unloaded) you can pull it with just about any small car, even a hybrid.

The Go will stow four bikes on top using a rack system but can even haul more if you convert it to ATV mode.  Underneath you can stow two smaller kayaks but with a third party rack system you could store up to six but we did not try this.

Also of note:  In ATV mode its basically a small trailer so you could use it to haul just about any small load around.  Its just really convenient and you will find yourself going, oh yeah, I have a small trailer.  Just thought I should mention that.

Once you arrive at camp you might be thinking, OK, how long am I going to be playing with this transformer.  Well, they say it takes only minutes and once you get the hang of it I would agree with this estimate.  The first time it will take a little longer due to reading and such but its really simple.  Its no worse then setting up a large unfamiliar tent.  That did not sound really fun did it, well trust me its not that bad.  Check out the video below to watch a girl set it up in minutes but she obviously is not reading the instructions.



So what about inside?  Inside the go takes on the feel of a cross between a small camper and a tent that sleeps four comfortably.  Its sort of a tent on wheels but with all the neat space saving tricks of a camper.   You know, the comfort of beds and a nifty fold down tables that just suddenly appear and then disappear at sleep time.    Of course there is no toilet and the unit is not powered.  So  though you won’t be sleeping on the ground you will be hiking it to the toilet and doing most of your cooking outside on the fire or a camp stove.  Its sort of like a step up from roughing it but you haven’t completely gone full camper with a TV god forbid.

What about Construction?  I wanted to add a quick note about the go and its construction.  When you look at the pictures you really don’t get a sense of just how well this thing is put together.  The design is just truly smart but also made from the best in gear.   Sylvan Sport teamed up with big names like Kelty (tent) and Thule (compatible rack system) to ensure superior design.  No problems there, its solid.

You have a Go?

Whats your take on it.  Do you love it.  Share you Go experiences here.

How do I get one?

Buy direct from SylvanSport

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