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What to Do in Ljubljana?

What to Do in Ljubljana? June 5, 2017

What to Do in Ljubljana?

OK, so obviously you wouldn’t be pondering what to do in Ljubljana if you weren’t either there or planning to go. Lucky you!  A truly great destination, Ljubljana is one of the most exciting places you can possibly visit. The Slovenian capital is filled with over 10,000 cultural events each year. It has some of the finest museums, galleries, and entertainment centers in Eastern Europe. Also, the Old Town is definitely worth checking out, as it hides some of the real gems of historic European architecture.

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Photo by Lorenzo L M.

Where should you stay?

Before you start looking at what to do in Ljubljana your going to have to find a place to stay. If you’re in Ljubljana to visit the city’s famous historic center or the beautiful Ljubljana Castle, there’s no better place to stay at than the Hotel Cubo. Here you can even see the Castle from virtually every room. It has a very comfortable feel with contemporary interior design and décor. It also has all the hi-tech amenities including Wi-Fi and a number of ultra-modern features. You will definitely enjoy your experience here.

Anyone wanting a completely new experience while visiting Slovenia simply has to check into the Hotel Nox. In this highly unique, ultramodern and well-situated hotel, every room offers a different luxury experience. The staff is also very helpful and friendly providing you with everything you need.

Finally, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Ljubljana is the most practical choice if you’re visiting Slovenia for business. The modern interior, the lounge area, and the service are all top notch. You definitely won’t have any trouble sleeping in the comfortable beds and well-kept, modernly designed rooms.

Where to eat in Ljubljana?  A few unique places to eat in Ljubljana

Travel Guide Ljubljana
Travel Guide Ljubljana

Now that you found a place to check in, it may be high time to get some lunch or perhaps dinner, depending on when you arrive. Fortunately, Ljubljana has no shortage of excellent food places:

One of the most affordable, pleasant and unique eateries in the city is the Druga Violina. This place is close to the Academy of Music and is also a social enterprise for people with disabilities. You can enjoy many delicious local dishes such as obara, a delicious stew made from chicken and vegetables.

What’s better than seafood when you’re out exploring the Old Town? If it’s seafood you crave thanTaverna Tatjana is the place to go to. Truly delight your taste buds with some Croatian fish stew or cuttlefish black risotto.

Finally, it’s definitely worth checking out Gelateria Romantika for some of the most delicious ice cream you’ve ever tasted. Sure, you can get all the classics but I bet you’re the adventurous type. If not than muster some courage and try out some unexpected flavors such as cucumber or pumpkin seed oil.

What to do in Ljubljana? Old Town, Triple Bridge, Ljubljana Cathedral and more.

With a place to stay and a full stomach lets look at what to do in Ljubljana. As a first-time visitor in Ljubljana, you’ll definitely want to check out the Old Town. Here the streets are pedestrianized so that the roads are filled with tables, umbrellas, terraces, stands and, of course, plenty of tourists. The Old Town also hides many true wonders of Slovenian architecture, such as the Town Hall, the Triple Bridge, and the majestic Ljubljana Cathedral.

Art enthusiasts will quickly fall in love with Metelkova Mesto. This special area of the city is a unique art district that was originally a squat area. The place truly livens up at night and proves itself to be one of the largest, most original and most modern center of underground art and music in the entire region.

Finally, if you don’t really like the faster pace of the big city – although, among large European cities, Ljubljana is certainly one of the more peaceful ones – you can take a relaxing retreat visiting the fabulous Tivoli park. This place offers a stunning view of the natural landscape, comfy benches, a cozy cafe and even the chance to spot a red squirrel on occasion.

More to Do in Ljubljana? Explore the unexplored

OK, if you’re not finding fun interesting things to do in Ljubljana yet then you’re definitely doing something wrong.  Still, let’s dig a little deeper.  Are you a food lover? I know, we already went over some of the best eats in Ljubljana but this is different. There’s a lesser known place called the Vodnik Square.

This is a comprehensive, open-air market that features anything from fresh fruit to gourmet ingredients you can scarcely find anywhere else. It’s not only a great place to walk through and find friendly crowds, but it’s also situated strategically close to some of the city’s finest cafes and bakeries.

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What to do in Ljubljana in one day? A day off the beaten path

The great thing about visiting the Slovenian capital is that, as soon as you get to the city center (or in case you’re already there, provided that your hotel is nearby), virtually every important scene or venue is within walking distance. This makes finding fun and unique things to do in Ljubljana really super easy.

You can start the day with breakfast at Le Petit cafe.  Grab a seat outside and enjoy the peaceful quiet setting.  It can become busy at times so arrive early. If it’s Sunday, you might choose to simply have a quick meal at the hotel. With breakfast out of the way head down to the Sunday market. It’s open from 8 AM to 2 PM, and it will allow you to find anything from old vintage postcards and memorabilia, to various knickknacks that you really can’t find anywhere else.

Since the market is close to the river, you can choose to get a boat ride. There are many companies offering outstanding service and picturesque boat rides you can enjoy in full, without spending too much money.

Even on the off chance that there aren’t any important cultural events that might interest you on the day of your visit, you can still visit one of Ljubljana’s outstanding museums and art galleries. The City Museum offers the most beautiful contemporary art exhibitions, and you can also head down to the Museum of Modern Art, where regular exhibitions are organized at the Modern Galerija.

For a more comprehensive and informational look at the city, you can also consider one of the numerous sightseeing and walking tours. Among the latter are the Ljubljana Free Tour and the Ljubljana Food Tour. These are probably the most recommended for first-time visitors. You should also check out the unique and exciting Ljubljana Urban Adventure tours. These tours can give you a truly expansive view of the city’s historical heritage.  What I like about it is that it’s far more informal and spontaneous than most other tours you can enjoy.

As the day draws to a close, you simply have to take a few evening and night shots of the Franciscan Church. You did bring your camera right? It’s one of the city’s most imposing and beautiful buildings.

Prešeren Square (11992602564)
CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Ljubljana is certainly worth taking a closer look at, whether you’re on a quick city getaway, a business trip, or a lengthier holiday vacation. While the Slovenian capital is quickly gaining in popularity, it still qualifies as one of Europe’s genuine “hidden gems.”

What did you do in Ljubljana?

You won’t be the last person wondering what to do in Ljubljana so please make sure you come back and tell us what you did!  If you’ve already been there please leave some ideas in the comments below to help a fellow traveler out.