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Contests and giveaways – Win Free Sunglasses

Contests and giveaways – Win Free Sunglasses February 23, 20153 Comments

Win Free Native Eyewear Sunglasses – Get Polarized

The Prize:  One Free Pair of Native Eyewear Sahara Snow Polarized Brown / Sportflex Sunglasses.  Native Sunglasses are some of the best sunglasses I’ve ever wore in terms of everything.  Comfort, fogging, style, durability, vision…Native Eyewear does it right.  The lenses are even interchangeable and come with a sportflex lens.  I can’t take up a bunch of space here telling you how cool these things are, we have a contest to get to.  If you don’t really know what polarized sunglasses are or what more information check out this post – GET POLARIZED.

The Contest:Here’s how to win these awesome sunglasses.  Note:  There are four ways to enter, you can enter once using each way.  It’s only necessary to choose and do one method to enter!

1.)  Follow us on Twitter@gearupandplay and then Tweet the following:  WIN Native Polarized #sunglasses Follow @gearupandplay & retweet this message to enter. Details #Giveaway #Contest

Feel free to retweet on a daily basis but don’t overdo it and annoy all your followers.  Retweeting will increase your chance to win.

2.)  Like us on Facebook: fb-gearupandplay and then update your status by doing the following.  First type at @gear up and play in your status box and when you see our name pop up select it.  Gear Up and Play should now be a link to our facebook page.  Simply type a message after telling us why you want to win the sunglasses or why you love our blog.  Share it and that’s it – your in the contest.

Important.  Make sure you type @gear up and play and you select our facebook page in your status update.  This ensures your status update shows up on our facebook page so we can count you in the contest.  Also make sure the little lock under your status window is set to share with everyone or your message will not appear on our page.  Thanks.

3.)  Mention the contest in your own blog post:  If you own a blog this is a really simple way to enter.  Simply mention the contest on your blog.  You can either create a new post completely about the contest or mention it quick in any post.  The only requirements are you include a link to the prize on the native eyewear website:  Native Eyewear Sahara Snow Polarized Sunglasses and a link to the contest:  Win Free Sunglasses.  Note:  Feel free to change the link text to fit your blog post as long as it’s relevant.

Once you have done this comment on this blog post with a link leading back to your blog post that mentions the contest to be counted.

4.)  Register for Gear Up and Play and create a guest post:  Note posts must be 300 words to be considered, relevant to the subject matter on GUAP (mainly travel and outdoor recreation) and original (not existing elsewhere on web).  In addition you must upload a photo during or after registration for your profile pic (any pic will do).  After you do this send me a message using the GUAP messenging system and tell me that you submitted a post and want entry into the contest.  Note:  existing GUAP members simply create a new post, submit it and message me that you want entry.

This is a bit more involved then the other ways to enter but if only a few people follow this method of entry it greatly increases your chances to win as described below.  In addition, you can enter your Adsense id to take 100% of the Adsense ads serving your post.  You will find being a member of GUAP offers many ways to help promote your external travel blog, blog, or website.

How is a winner picked:  To often I see a contest run but I don’t know how the winner was really picked.  Was it some magic voodoo?  Was it even fair?  Well I’m not gonna leave you hanging.  This is how the winner will be chosen.

First I will evaluate how many responses I got for each method of entry and give them a number.  Then I will go to and randomly generate a number for each entry.


  1. Entry Method 1)  24 follows/tweets and retweets total  (number generated is 13 picking from 1-24)
  2. Entry Method 2) 20 facebook likes/status updates  (number generated is 7 picking from 1-20)
  3. Entry Method 3) 14 people linked from their blog  (number generated is 2 picking from 1-14)
  4. Entry Method 4) 4 people created a guest post on guap  (number generated is 4 picking from 1-4)

Then I will take these 4 participants and randomly generate a number 1-4 for the winner.  It’s easy to see how participating in each method increases your chances to win.  Of course I will video the number generation and put the video up for everyone’s viewing.

That’s it.  Winner will be picked in 3 weeks on November 13th.

Thanks for Participating and I wish you all the Best Luck!

WINNER: JENNY from Where is Jenny