10 Easy Campfire Guitar Songs

Warning! If you read this post and at the end don’t leave your favorite campfire guitar song, well lets just say we will be disappointed in you!

Nobody is cooler then campfire guitar guy right?  Well, maybe just campfire guitar girl but that depends.  With a beer in hand and the night unfolding there’s no better way to spend the night then rocking out around the fire.  It’s even cooler if you have a few guitar players and a set of hand drums.  The more the merrier right.  With just these ten easy campfire songs you can be that cool guy or girl.  And lets face it,  everyone knows the cool guy never goes back to his tent alone, right?…

So what are some quick songs you can pickup and learn for the campfire?  Some are old songs, some are new, and well some just aren’t anything you have listened to in a while.  Still for some reason, here at the campfire, with a beer in hand, everyone loves that song……..

Ten Easy Campfire Guitar Songs in no particular Order

  1. Society – Eddie Vedder
  2. The Scientist – Coldplay
  3. Ain’t no Sunshine – Bill Withers
  4. Time of your Life – Green Day
  5. Hotel California – The Eagles
  6. Throw your Arms Around me – Mark Seymour/Pearl Jam
  7. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
  8. Flake – Jack Johnson
  9. What I got – Sumblime
  10. Have You Ever Seen the Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Here’s a few more I have heard around the fire, maybe not the easiest, maybe not traditional but they were fun.

  1. Gangsters Paradise – Acoustic Coolio – yeah acoustic Coolio is funny!
  2. I will Survive – Cake’s Version, Everyone knows the words
  3. Tribute – Tenacious D – Still Easy to Play- Fun Crazy song you can get as carried away as you want.  Rock it!

So- whats your favorites?

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  1. David van D

    1. Whiskey in a Jar by the Dubliners or even the Metallica version.

    2. BLISS by THE DUDES!!!!!!!(New Zealand Band)

  2. drew

    The best songs are the ones your audience wants to sing to. So always adjust to who you are playing for. That said, here are some of the all-time classics

    Wish you were here
    Brown eyed girl
    American Pie
    Time of your life
    Blister in the Sun

    and some of my favorites:

    I will survive
    Rocky Raccoon
    You shook me all night long

  3. Chuck

    a couple other tunes come to mind. Honky Tonk Women and Let It Be, and Patience

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