3 Things in Cappadocia You Can’t Miss

‘Cappadocia is definitely the part of Turkey that I’ll never forget,’ says Janice Au, who is just back from her magical trip in Central Turkey.

If you’re bored of the busy city scenes of Istanbul, you may probably want to escape to the less touristy Cappadocia. To say that Cappadocia is beautiful is definitely an understatement. It is a region of magnificent ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations and mysterious underground cities.

Don’t miss:

  1. Stay in town Goreme. Then take a day tour to explore nearby areas. Don’t take the Cappadocia tour, since most places you can go by yourself. Take the Ihlara tour instead, to explore more of the region. Most Ihlara tour will take you to the Goreme panorama where you can see the spectacular view of Cappadocia, the Ihlara Valley and the biggest underground city Derinkuyu where you can explore as much as 55 meters underground.
  2. For those who want something more special than climbing mountains or going underground, try a hot-air balloon tour. If you are thinking of something romantic like the two of you going high up in the sky, you will probably get quite disappointed. In one balloon there are about 25 people. Up in the air, there can be as many as 30 balloons at the same time. Busy traffic!
  3. At night, instead of having a regular dinner in the restaurants, try the Turkish Night. You can just sit back and enjoy the traditional Turkish dance while having dinner (included in the price). If you are lucky enough you can even be part of the show and dance with the belly dancer!

There are overnight buses that run daily from Istanbul to Cappadocia. They leave in the evening, so you can save the hotel rate for a night. However, if 11 hours is way too much for you, you can also take a flight from Istanbul, which takes about one hour.

In Cappadocia, one thing you will find very special is the accommodation. There is no Hilton or Sheraton, but lots of cave hotels, or more exactly, pensions. There is an accommodation office at the bus station, but you can actually walk around to check out the pensions yourself. They are quite close to each other, and are very easy to find. Spending nights in a cave is a very special experience, and it is cheap! Cave rooms are generally quite cheap in town Goreme, and they have very good service!

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