4 European Cities Perfect For Your Upcoming Fall Vacation

Planning a fall vacation to Europe? It is fast approaching and now is the best time to start making those last minute details to your itinerary on the best European cities to visit this fall. Go ahead and indulge yourself within the beautiful scenery, the lovely weather and even find yourself a hobby in leaf peeping. (FYI I recently found out that leaf peeping simply means to watch the leaves turn colors and bonus, it’s even a fun word to use :)). Forget the scorching sun rays of summer and say Hellooo to the refreshing coolness, colorful scenery and simplicity of fall. The chomping sounds of crisp leaves and the hues of the newly turned deep red, orange, yellow leaves will charmingly surround you and leave you in admiration for Europe’s nature scene. Your vacation to Europe this fall will create a new sense of awe and appreciation for the following gorgeous European cities:

Paris, France

As many say you will either love this popular European destination or…you will hate it. Well let’s increase your chances for the better of the two and head there during the fall. Packed with walking trails, cycling and riding paths, the valley’s orchards and vineyards glow with golden crisp leaves come the fall, making it an ideal spot for long walks through the backstreets and make sure to save plenty of time for leaf peeping (see it’s a fun word)! This is the same lovely city minus the summer tourist crowds, scorching sun and long lines.

Libson, Portugal

If you’re headed to the city for more reason than just the beaches; fall is the best time to enjoy the festivities of this lively, yet sometimes forgotten, city. The whole scene in general is very charming and quite magical during this time more than ever. With the newly turned leaves rattling down its cobblestone streets and enchanting riverside views; it’s still a wonder why this city is not visited more often. There are also plenty of film festivals going on during this time and with the relatively warm weather you can easily still put on a T-shirt until some of the later Fall months.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled

As if the gorgeous scene of a big crystal lake and wooded mountains wasn’t quite good enough, if you visit Lake Bled in the fall you’ll also find those icy lake waters turn into a big mirror of the gorgeous deep fall color scheme of the woods. I also recommend renting a rowing boat and taking someone special for a tour – it doesn’t get more scenic than this!

High Tatras, Poland

The eastern mountains of Poland are most known for their skiing, but before the snow arrives, bursts of color make their way into a gorgeous scene as all of the trees put on their fall apparel. The mountain town, Zakopane, makes the perfect place for hiking trips into the mountains, where you will be able to enjoy plenty of wildlife and indulge in some really great hiking trails.

So where are you headed this fall?!

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