A Dose of Sulfur in Dumaguete

Have you ever felt this feeling of adventure lust just after you have woken from a deep slumber? Well I have – a dozen and one times already.

I immediately called up my friends to check who would be available on that one lazy Sunday morning. Fortunately, two of my college friends had the same sentiment as me. But the big question to pop is – where are we headed?

After putting on my favorite swim wear I packed a few stuff that I think would be very necessary on our little road travel. When we met, we brainstormed a little and decided to go to Bahura Resort and Spa – a cool resort south of Dumaguete City. It offers a simple day tour package with free lunch, plus the beach and their pool would be very refreshing on this unusually hot and humid day.

Jeepney Ride

Jeepney Ride

But when we stopped by the gates of the resort, the place seemed to be packed with formal-wearing visitors. With the looks of it, there’s an ongoing wedding reception inside. We could have simply walked in, but it would certainly defeat our purpose of getting a good chill time.

So what we did is to simply find a new destination that is far from most of the Sunday people. And that’s when one my friend mentioned something about a hot spring somewhere south of where we were. And since, we can’t think of any other place to go, we unanimously agreed to go there.

None of us had been to the place; even our directions were just from others’ word of mouth. We haven’t seen any pictures or proof yet that the place even exist. This is what adventures should be like chasing tails on a blind path. It makes you anxious and at the same time thrilled.

Luckily, the third random person we asked had a clearer direction for us to follow. He made us ride a jeep and said something about stopping at an unknown barrio at the end of the town. And of course, we heeded his directions and before we could even think of going back, we were already on the barrio that he mentioned. We asked around and thankfully the people there are friendly and they had much knowledge about the vague destination that we had.

Baslay Twin Hot Spring

Baslay Twin Hot Spring

The name of our destination is Baslay Twin Hot Spring. So it is not just one hot spring but a twin hot spring at that, how lucky can we be? But we still need to ride a motorcycle to go up a hill or two to be able to reach those springs. And so we rode one.

Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle Ride

The motorcycle ride was bumpy which made us jump on our seats a few more times than we could count. And before I could complain about my hurting behind, we had already reached our so-called destination.

It was worth the effort, because the place was almost like heaven, literally, because of the fog and the gas the stones emit. We paid no entrance fee only some donations for the betterment of the place. After getting some more directions from the caretaker, we set foot up and down the winding walkway to the twin hot springs.

just like heaven

just like heaven

A good 15-minute walk was all it took before we dipped our tired but happy bodies in the warm waters of the spring. The heat of the spring and the privacy of the place was so relaxing it made me sleepy. I took in the luscious green scenery of the place before closing my eyes for a forty-wink sleep.

I wish I still could close my eyes some more but my friends had summoned me to walk around and discover more of the place. We haven’t found the exact source of the spring but what we found was much better – a simple rectangular pool with the same warm water from the hot springs. We dipped happily and before we knew it, it was already time for us to leave.

Happy and contented, we left the forest and the spring with only our footprints; as pay back, it gave us blissful memories and captured pictures as souvenirs.

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  1. Nate Harper

    This is so cool, I just had a similar experience, I did a road race at taroko gorge in taiwan, and made friends with the owners of the bed and breakfast I stayed at, we did the race together, and after they took me and my friends to a “secret” Hot springs, that only locals go to, no signs or parking lots, we just stopped on the road, hopped over a guard rail, and hiked down the gorge for about 20 minutes to one of the prettiest hot springs I’ve ever been to, that was my first one too, I think I’m hooked, nice post, thanks for sharing

  2. WYNNA Post author

    @jaboh21: Thanks for reading nate! I’m glad we shared almost the same experience. And that’s what I call adventure. Totally out of the blue trips and on the spot planning. 🙂 maybe you could share to us your own experience then. 😉

  3. EJ Juen Jr

    Hi Wynna, I like the label of one of your pictures because really looks like heaven because it’s cloudy but feels like hell because it’s hot. lol. 🙂

    I’ve been to Dumaguete just this October but missed that hotspring, at least I have something new added in my list when I get back there.

  4. WYNNA Post author

    Haha 😀 you got i right @esjuenjr that sulfur steam is hot. This is actually cool because it’s in a very remote area and there are only a few people who knows it exist. 🙂

  5. Michael Jon Falk

    wow, what a great looking place to be and relax! I think I could nap there for a 40 wink sleep haha, never heard that expression but I love it. I’ll be visiting some hot springs this fall, can’t wait. Never tried it before but that’s cool you share some remote places like that wynna. Makes me really want to explore the Philippines 🙂

  6. WYNNA Post author

    @mfalk75 Hi Michael! I’ll be very glad to hear about you hot spring adventure come fall. Yeah, Forty winks is like an idiomatic expression for a nap. That’s what I got from my English teacher back in high school. haha You should book a ticket to the Philippines now because it’s summertime here already. 🙂

  7. Les

    Can you teach me how to reach Baslay Twin Hot Spring and around how much is the fare? Can’t find it at google maps. Thanks!

  8. WYNNA Post author

    Hi Les! Baslay Twin Hot Spring is quite a hidden paradise. From Dumaguete City, you can ride a bus or a jeepney going to Dauin and you have to stop at a certain Bus Stop in Baranggay Baslay (I’m not quite sure about the exact name of the Bus Stop but you can ask the driver or the conductor because they are familiar with the place) then from that Bus Stop there are a lot of motorbikes which you can hire to bring you all the way up to the Springs. 🙂 Fare of the bus or jeep would be 20 pesos or less and for the motorbike, it actually depends on how good you do sales talk with the driver. I think we gave him 100-150 pesos for a roundtrip motorbike ride. 🙂

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