A Few Tips For Driving In Amman

So I’ve been in Amman, Jordan for a little over five months now and besides all the cultural changes I’ve been experiencing the traffic in this city still gets to me. Maybe if I didn’t grow up in a small town where your only neighbors were your trees this wouldn’t be too big of a shock. However I did, and traffic jams with constant beeping and smoke from large trucks is just something I can’t seem to get used to. So I’ve decided to put together a few tips I’ve found useful while driving in this ancient crowded city:


  • Parking is a free for all and wherever you can fit your car it seems people will park. This means there is a great possibility you will find cars parked behind you and with just enough space on the side you might not be able to open all of your doors. I suggest taking up a lot of space when you park (parking diagonally works great) that way it will be very difficult for other drivers to get too close and when it’s time to pull out there will be extra space for your car to maneuver back to the road.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. This should be a no-brainer when driving anywhere but I cannot stress the importance of this tip enough until you actually see for yourself. I used to think NYC was pretty crazy when it came to traffic but at least it was organized! Drivers do not always keep their cars in one lane and stop signs are not at each and every four-way so cars can literally come from any direction.
  • There are tons of extremely narrow side streets that are meant to be two-way roads. However, because cars are parked on both sides of the street only one car can fit through there. If you come across a street like this, which is more than likely, use some kind of hand signal or light flashing technique while pulling to the first available open spot to pull over so they can pass through. Make sure to slow down while driving on these roads and if you notice the other car hasn’t noticed you beep a few times to get their attention.
  • If you decide to visit this beautiful city and opt for public transportation taxis are the way to go. From what I’ve seen bus schedules are not always accurate and without any notice the bus may not come at all. There are plenty of taxis driving around and if you’re close to a main road this will make it even easier to find one. Rates are quite cheap but if the driver realizes you are a tourist some may overprice it a bit.

Have any of you been to Amman and witnessed their crazy traffic or been to a place and have your own traffic experience? I would love hear some of your stories!

Thanks for reading, Tiffany.

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  1. Michael Jon Falk

    Traffic can sometimes be entertainment if you find a nice place to get coffee on a busy corner street! I remember my first trip abroad to Paris and I thought wow, look how small the cars are, look how they just seem to be going wherever there is room. I still don’t think it was the chaos your describing however. Everything just felt more condensed to me and pushed together where in the states everything feels far apart.

  2. Tiffany Post author

    You’re completely right Michael there’s plenty of entertainment with watching the traffic I just wish I didn’t have to venture out in it…ever haha. I haven’t seen the tiny cars like in Paris and throughout Europe but people sure park on the street as if they were that tiny haha. Thanks for the comment and I can’t wait to share some of my more interesting stories that have happened here. 🙂

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