A Trip With The Biologists

I joined a field trip to Zamboanga del Sur last summer. I travelled with a group of Biology students who were on their way for a Biodiversity study. They were allowed to catch wild animals, but set them free after recording the species data. It was one of the most interesting trips I’ve been to, and it was also one of the cheapest holidays I’ve had.

Zamboanga del Sur is a province in the western part of Mindanao. The Philippines is well-known for its natural resources and Zamboanga del Sur contributes to this. I was able to relax and experienced some adventure. My mind and body were truly eased during the trip. The animals, ambiance, food, and the spring water were unforgettable. Yet the most exciting part was witnessing the biology students do their work and I was lucky enough that they let me touched the animals too. There were colorful birds, fruit-eating bats, monkeys, ostriches, and dragonflies. They said that Zamboanga del Sur is rich in its wildlife resources, and a perfect place to see different animals.

There are also other places in Zamboanga del Sur where you can enjoy natural hot and cold springs. These springs are known to be good for the health and relax the muscles from stress.

We spent some nights chatting with a bonfire on. Sometimes we slept in tents, but most of the time we spent our nights in a beautiful cabin situated on a mangrove area. We were truly in touch with nature for the whole week that we almost forgot about the responsibilities we left in the city. There were also foreigners who visited the place while we were there, and like us, they also enjoyed the place.

Life in the province is very simple and quiet, and it is very safe to say that anyone can truly have fun and cheap holidays in places like these. The most important about going on a holiday is a good company of people who are ready for anything that may come their way. You will never know what the place can offer you if you will only stick to your comfort zone.

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  1. Michael Jon Falk

    I’ve always wanted to take a trip with animals involved like a volunteer project. I would love to work with big cats some day 🙂 Thanks for sharing your outdoor adventure with us Dana

  2. Nate Harper

    Wonderful post. Great descriptions and I love the photos. And nice advice at the end–it’s always good to stretch those comfort zones out a bit. I enjoyed the read, thanks.

  3. loredana valles Post author

    @Michael Falk, big cats are scary! you’re quite a dare devil. 🙂

    @Elmer Cruz, the cabin is a private property, but while we were in the sampling field, we stayed in tents.. 🙂

    @Nate Harper, thank u also! its nice to know that somebody enjoyed this article. 🙂

    thank u for the feed backs everyone

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