Hi, my name is Michael Falk and I really appreciate you taking the time to check out our little corner of the web. I created Round World Travels as a fun community atmosphere for people to read and share travel related experiences, practical info, advice, and insights into destinations and activities all over the world. This can be a riveting tale of adventure or just a leisurely stroll through your favorite museum. I hope that in relating your adventure you will offer some tips and advice to our readers.

What is Round World Travels About?

Round World Travels is a Community Travel Blog.

If you want to make new friends Round World Travels is about creating your own profile, participating in the forum discussions and getting to know other members. Your personal profile is a great place to share your story/bio and link to your own personal travel blog and other social networks. However, trust me when I say this, don’t make your whole time here about you. Instead, make it about every other member here but you. Read their posts, interact, comment and just be a good friend.

If you want to contribute to the blog Round World Travels is about that experience you had at the music festival or that journey across the Irish countryside by rail car. Heck, maybe it’s just about the planning stages of your RTW adventure. Whatever your story, always leave a lesson for those who might follow your footsteps.

You went to that festival, great, offer some tips for someone who might seek this festival out. Did it sell out fast? Maybe it rained and the fields were all muddy and you set your tent up in the worse spot possible. Whatever it was, you left saying “Next time, I’m going to do this, this and this different.” Those are the things we want you to share with our readers because guess what; strangers don’t actually care all that much what you did unless it was really, really interesting. Then maybe they care a little bit, just a little bit though and definitely not as much as mom.

If you want to Read then Round World Travels is about interesting, yet helpful stories, info, advice and insights from people all over the world. We are grateful for your time and commitment. We hope that you go away with something useful, but not too far away, we want you to come back again. Oh, and one more thing. If you could, take a minute to leave your own unique perspective in the comments below each article we will love you for it!

Who is Round World Travels?

I (Michael) am a photographer, web designer/publisher and entrepreneur 20 minutes outside of Detroit, Michigan. I have a new daughter, a stepson and a beautiful wife. They are my number one priority and the spring in my step. My ideal travel experience is a mishmash of hiking, photography, outdoor adventure and spending time with family. I’m lucky because they all love the same stuff I do. My passion is photography and I spend a good amount of my time and energy invested in that. I love photographing both people and landscapes. You can see some of my work here: Michael Falk Photography and here: 500px

Now, I don’t really consider myself a travel blogger in the traditional glorified nomadic sense. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel but there are people out there making it a lifestyle. Some of these people even have kids which I find simply amazing. If you have kids you know how hard it can be just getting out the door and to the grocery store. Traveling all over the universe with them almost seems insane but when the dream is there you make it happen. People are tired of the daily grind, enough is enough, and we want to enjoy life on our own terms. Maybe that’s you or maybe you have another dream that simply revolves around a location independent lifestyle.

My dream is to travel the world more freely and pursue my passion for photography while maintaining a comfortable place I can call home. I want to be able to pick up and leave that home on a drop of a dime. I want to give my children a better lifestyle that affords them the opportunity to see the world. This is my dream for me but I also want this dream for you. Of course, your dream might take on a little different shape but essentially it comes down to the same thing. You just want to be happy and this leads to my next point.

Who else is involved at Round World Travels?

You are! Really, what is a community travel blog without you? What is a dream without people. A lot less cool, that’s what! You already listened to me ramble on this long, you’re committed, let’s do this. At the end of the day Round World Travels is about everyone and anyone in the world just trying to make the best life that they possibly can. Maybe you have thought about a travel blog but haven’t committed the time. This is a great place to get your feet wet. Or, maybe you already have a travel blog and your dying to let people know about it. Great, we want to help! Become a part of Round World Travels and tell us all about yourself, give us your story. Where are you going? Where have you been? We all want to know what you are up to so join already and help make the world a little bit smaller and a lot more friendly.


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