It’s a good thing that a fun adventure doesn’t always require you to spend. Sometimes, all it takes is a little imagination and creativity.

I remember staying in one of the most cost-effective hotel in Negros, Philippines which is MO2 Westown Hotel Bacolod to save a bit in our travel expense. Saving is good, but perhaps there are other options we haven’t tried yet where we don’t need to spend anything at all.

Thinking about it reminded me of the gift I gave my wife that she appreciated the most—not the most expensive one, but the short comic book I made for her. This comic book contains the story of how we became friends which ended up in a love story.

It’s amazing how common household materials can turn into priceless gifts. I’ve only used a pencil, a stapler and some bond papers plus a drop of creativity and it turned into a gift that my wife will cherish forever.

Just this December 2011, I’ve used a grocery bag, some sticks and a thread to make a kite then I went outdoors with my three-year-old son. It was his first time to see a kite fly. He was shouting out of excitement and his friends came along and had fun watching the kite fly as well.

So while he’s still young and video games/social media hasn’t locked him in yet, I’m planning to teach him some fun outdoor activities that I’ve enjoyed as a kid. I remember hunting birds using a slingshot, catching spiders to make them rumble in a stick, catching bees (I’ll skip teaching that), catching frogs with worm bait, going up a hill, etc.

Now as an adult, I had some mini-adventures near our home which cost me nothing as well. I was riding a motorcycle where there are jets flying around and the music Highway to the Danger Zone is playing in the background. I was getting ready for another adventure after winning an aerial combat (scene from the movie Top Gun).

That’s what my imagination told me when I was riding a bicycle, while enjoying a great view of the sugarcane fields and noticing a commercial plane pass by. I was enjoying the place while breathing fresh air that only countryside can offer.

I’ve reached an area which has a great view of Mt. Kanlaon near La Castellana, Philippines. This volcano has a marvelous shape and has a splendid combination of lush green trees and a grayish tip which is truly captivating.

Surrounded by a clear blue sky, white clouds and brown soil, this magnificent volcano has that killer view will make you appreciate the fact that we’re living in a world full of beauty in spite of its sad realities. This is just one of its many astounding masterpieces.

Unfortunately, like a flower with thorns, this volcano is now being closely watched by seismologists because it’s near the epicenter of an earthquake which hit a nearby town last Feb. 6, 2012. The earthquake killed a total of 113 people.

I’m praying for the safety of my family there because La Castellana is within the volcano’s range.  The nearby towns experienced water discoloration problems after the earthquake and there were several aftershocks that followed it. I’m thankful that no one was hurt this town.

Moving on to another adventure—one morning, while I was walking with my wife in the open field to enjoy the healthy sunlight, we’ve stumbled to a friend riding a water buffalo. I asked him if I can try to ride it and he let me.

It may not be as grandiose as the elephants of Thailand strapped with a comfy chair matching umbrellas, the fact that I never spent anything for that fun experience made a huge difference.  I just had to use my imagination to amplify its size to a mammoth and dress myself as a soldier with a long spear. I’m ready for battle after getting lost in the medieval time.

I have to admit that I got a bit scared of its big horns because it might suddenly go wild and I might end up getting hit by those horns. Maybe that’s what you get for imagining things too much.

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  1. WYNNA
    WYNNA says:

    @esjuenjr: Hi EJ! are you form Negros? So you’re Ilonggo gali? :) My family used to rent a small apartment before and our land lady was Tita Rose Juen,, is there any chance that you two are related? Tita Rose has a twin sister but I forgot her name. :)

  2. jennifer choban
    jennifer choban says:

    An excellent point- that adventures don’t have to be spendy and don’t have to be far from home. If you’re stuck in a rut at home I recommend Volkswalks ( is the US site, but it’s an international organization) as a way to get out and see some of the areas in your own backyard.

  3. Elmer Cruz
    Elmer Cruz says:

    Images of the kite flying made me think of the movie the book and movie Kite Runner and it got me a bit sad but then empowered that we all have the responsibility to teach the younger generation how to have fun outside of the confines of technology. Teaching them how to fly kites, throw a spinning top, or even play hopscotch are inexpensive and brings our kids back to the great outdoors.

  4. EJ Juen Jr
    EJ Juen Jr says:

    Hi Wynna, my father is from Negros and my mother is from Iloilo. There’s a good chance that Tita Rose Juen is my relative because there’s just a few of us with this surname but there’s some tracing I’ve got to do first :)

    Thanks for you comments guys and thanks for adding suggestions for zero cost outdoor fun. :)


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