Zion National Park

Getting away from the populated cities of the East Coast, the West Coast offers plenty of remote and nomadic pleasure. The national parks of the West offer back road trails, forests, deserts and the adventure of exploring the nature and wildlife of the beautiful coast. USA tours are the best way to visit these places, where the organization is taken care of and you can be secure in the knowledge of experts in small groups.

San Francisco

Start your trip in the iconic city with a trip to the equally iconic Golden Gate Bridge, which opens San Francisco up to the Pacific Ocean and spans a length of over 2,700 meters. From here this diverse city has a lot to offer, where you can shop and stroll through Union Square or go to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art within a day. Visit the Coit Tower for a 360 degree view of the city and see the cities 1930s architecture in downtown San Francisco. As a city, it doesn’t disappoint with its nightlife, although there are many monuments to see there are also comedy shows, music concerts and bars and clubs in each district for night-time adventures, especially the artsy Mission district. There is a reason it’s famed one of the top 50 destinations in the world.

Olympic National Park

Moving away from San Francisco and towards the remote areas of the West coast start your visit to the Olympic National Park at the visitor centre where you collect all the maps and information you need, as well as the tours. This park lies off the coast of Washington and teams 6,000 miles of mountains with 3 different ecosystems: subalpine forest with wild meadow; temperate forest; and the rugged Pacific shore. There are picture perfect views in each of these locations that are unspoiled because of its World Heritage status, won in 1981, which preserves the site and its natural beauty.

Sierra Nevada

This mountain range, running along Eastern California and inhabiting inland USA, extends over 250 miles. The physical beauty of the snowy mountains of this alpine region can be unforgettable for walking tours through the rugged mountains or for visiting the many ski resorts that take advantage of the climate. The area has a low population but the facilities available to tourists are run throughout the year. Due to the large area the Sierra Nevada takes up; take advantage of the tours and facilities. Here lies the largest sequoias in the world, as well as containing one of the largest peaks in the US; Mount Whitney.

Zion National Park

Continuing a nomadic trail, this national park lies in Southern Utah where the rugged rocky landscape is perfect for hikers and climbers. It has some incredible trails including the Riverside trail through a river and the Subway trail through a natural rock formation that looks like a small gorge. To reach the highest point of the park, a workout is unavoidable. However for those unafraid, hike the 8 miles to the Observation point where you can look over the Zion Park and view the main canyon from great heights. For those less inclined to take the incline, hike the shorter 1 mile to Canyon overlook trail where you can stop a natural cave and still get a great view of the Zion Canyon. Remember to take lots of water!

Grand Canyon

Travelling from Nevada to the Grand Canyon is often a suggested route. If it’s your first time the South Rim has the most services with visitor centres, information points and tours whilst the North Rim is better for the trail less traveled. Remember the North Rim has fewer services and is therefore limited in its schedule (from May through to October). Apart from hiking, there are plenty of activities like kayaking and train tours so it’s impossible to tire. To take everything like weather, comfort of hiking and altitude sickness the best time to visit is late spring or early autumn. Although as long as you manage to fit in a sunrise and sunset then any time of the year will be worth it!

There are plenty more national parks that are worth a visit, without the queue of tourists at the door, including Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park and Mojave Desert where you can discover and experience a new way of travelling.

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