Applecreek Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar

applecreek electricThe Applecreek acoustic-electric travel guitar is a great little instrument, provided that you are looking for a very basic practice or travel guitar. It is conveniently light weight and has a much quieter sound than the typical guitar, which is great for opportunities to practice without disturbing the entire household. As a fairly low priced model, the Applecreek acoustic-electric travel guitar is not terrible durable, and the company has received low marks from other users who have had some minor problem or another with their new instrument and were unable to obtain any reasonable warranty support from Applecreek. However, as with most consumer goods, you get what you pay for, and the Applecreek acoustic-electric travel guitar is a perfectly acceptable guitar to have around as a back up instruments. It is also an ideal choice for new musician who is looking for a guitar with a decent sound but not dedicated enough to make a serious investment in an upscale instrument.

As far as the individual features of the guitar, the Applecreek acoustic-electric guitar comes out of the box ready to go with very nice action and fit. Although it won’t win any beauty contests, it is still a very nice looking instrument made entirely out of good wood with a pleasant, lightly glossed finish and a light spruce top to the body. If you have not played or seen a true travel guitar before, be aware that they are do have a rather oddly shaped body that looks like a cross between a ukulele and an acoustic guitar. However, the instruments still manages a very authentic guitar sound with tones that are perfect for playing down-home music such as blues or folk. The unique size and shape also make the Applecreek acoustic-electric travel guitar a great companion instrument to take on trips where a regular sized instrument would be far too awkward, such as backpacking, camping or hiking. The guitar comes with its own gig bag so that you are ready to hit the pavement as soon as you have her tuned up.

As far as flaws go, the Applecreek acoustic-guitar just doesn’t have the big sound that you need to play some music, especially rock. Also, the odd shape of travel guitars in general make them look a little silly when performing anything that requires much of a macho stage presence. The strings that come with the new guitar definitely are not the best on the market either, but this can be addressed by picking up an extra set of higher quality. Lastly, although the sound and fret board are similar enough to a regular guitar to make it a decent first instrument for a new player, I’d be a little concerned about the player becoming accustomed to the smaller shape of the body and having trouble adjusting to a normal body when he or she is ready to move up to a normal model.

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  1. Amy @ Kids Acoustic Guitars

    My brother who is a professional guitar player and owns a number of big name guitars like Les Paul, Stratus, Fender etc. bought an Applecreek acoustic-electric guitar for his son.

    It’s really a nice little guitar and sounds great for a relatively inexpensive instrument!

    Awesome website by the way!!!

  2. Kathryn Garrett

    I just purchased an APPLECREEK travel guitar, used. In perfect shape with travel bag& accessories, plus a nice CRATE amp for a lot less than they cost on your website. It sounds good with or without the amp. It does seem small to play but would be perfect for a young person or a beginner. I love it and will keep it. It is unique. I had never seen one before. I have several electric and acoustic guitars, Fender, Ibenez, Johnson, Aria, and more. This APPLECREEK is a KEEPER!

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