Applecreek Acoustic Travel Guitar

applecreek acoustic travel guitar

The Applecreek Acoustic Travel Guitar has been a really nice lightweight solution to a very bulky and heavy guitar problem. I go camping and backpacking a lot and I have often wished that I had a way of bringing a guitar with me that I don’t fear for its safety.  My full-sized guitar is just too cumbersome to carry and I’m constantly worried that its going to get ruined.  The other brands of travel guitars that I had seen before were much too expensive for my budget. The Applecreek guitar was much more economical, but it has all the features of all of those other travel guitars.

I am really pleased with how durable my new guitar is, as there have been several times when my climbing skills have let me down and though I was afraid it would be broken when I dropped it, I opened up its case and it was fine.  Although, I have to say, I’m using a high quality hard shell case of my own.  Not the gig bag it came with.

I will admit that the Applecreek acoustic travel guitar is pretty quiet on its own, but I don’t need high volume for what I play. The guitar doesn’t feature a really deep sound, but more of a mellow tone. I’m not Sammy Hagar, I’m more James Taylor, so it suits my needs. I don’t think I will be playing any high profile arenas with my Applecreek, but it can’t be beat for friendly sing-alongs around the campfire!

I don’t really mind that the action of the guitar is a little higher than some others that I’ve played, or that the neck is fairly wide. My hands are used to playing a much larger instrument, so those things aren’t much of a consideration for me. The only thing that’s been just a little difficult for me to get used to is the smaller size of the guitar because I’m used to my full-sized model at home. The neck is almost regular size, but the body is quite small and slightly odd shaped. However, it has been so convenient on my trips that I can overlook its small stature.

I did eventually change the strings from what came standard on the guitar, though, to a lighter weight string to compensate just a little bit for the higher action. That changed its playability quite a lot.  I found mine on eBay and paid under 70 bucks total which is a steal, I’ve seen them listed for a lot more. I know there is an electric-acoustic version of this guitar as well.  I thought about buying that one but at the time the ones on eBay were like 30 dollars more but the price just seem to vary.

In the end I know the Applecreek Acoustic doesn’t compare to some of the more expensive models in any shape or form.  It doesn’t sound as good, it don’t look as good, and it sure as hell ain’t built like a martin but it fills the bill.  Its perfect for campfires, backpacking and situations where I just need a beater that won’t cause me to much grief if I get to drunk and leave it out in the rain.

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  1. km

    What “high quality hard shell case of my own” did you find that fit this guitar?

    Would you sell me the soft case for cheap?


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