Slingshot in Action

I’ve been dying to get my booties in to a pair of Aqualung Slingshot  and was so excited when my partner surprised me with a black and silver pair! I couldn’t wait to get it in d water which finally happened last weekend in Anilao, Batangas.


It’s a beautiful piece of equipment and quite a head turner, especially the black and silver combo. I unpacked and hung them on the drying rack beaming with pride. As I put on my gear several people asked and admired it’s design and symmetry – a conversation piece.

Aqualung is kicking it up 3 notches with this great set of fins! It has 3 innovations: the Powerband, the Gear Shift, and the Mid-foot Attachment Points.

  • The Power Band gives great propulsion as three silicone straps maximize your downstroke or powerstroke then immediately snaps back. Great for effortless finning and we all know effortless finning means lesser air consumption and longer bottom time.
  • The Gear Shift is power at will! It gives divers control to choose from 3 gears depending on the conditions of the dive. I love this feature because it gives me a great control over my speed-to-effort ratio. At first gear, the fins feel so light and much like split fins but still gives the power of a regular fins, thanks to the Power Bands. At second and third gear you increase your fighting chance against currents without having to consume all 200 bars of compressed air.
  • The Mid-Foot Attachment Points feature makes these fins so comfortable to use. It doesn’t strain the toes nor any part of my foot.

The Slingshot has the typical Aqualung release and offered a comfortable yet sturdy shoe in. I did a tap number on the boat before doing a back roll to finally plunge down to 60 feet of unusually warm water – 30 bloody degrees Celsius.

My first dive was at Twin Rocks. We were advised by the dive master that there was a mild current so I set the gear to 2. This is one of the cool features of these fins, they have gears that you can adjust depending on the current and how much effort and air you would like to consume with your finning efforts.

Aqualung Slingshot Colors

I marveled at d propulsion I got as soon as I did my first kick. It was effortless and offered a very smooth action. I was waiting for the click, something I read from another review, but never felt it – perhaps my excitement got the better of me or it just wasn’t there. I tried doing the modified frog kick but felt more comfortable doing the dolphin kick – with the Slingshot offering just the right resistance, even fighting currents. I normally don’t like currents because I get tired easily but the Slingshot gave me a better fighting chance with minimal finning effort. Chased after an octopus and a spotted stingray and found myself keeping up yet was still able to get my air to last up to 58 minutes bottom time with 50 bars left, considering quite an active dive.

I did a night dive set on 1st gear and the Slingshot was noticeably supple yet powerful. It was almost like wearing no fins at all and the only reminder that you are is the propulsion and distance you cover with a single flick. I even had to minimize my finning efforts to lend lighting support to my buddy, with my 550 lumens INON, who was taking photos and videos of a 30cm Spanish Dancer.

The only downside is the ankle bands, I would have preferred them a tad longer for better grip when adjusting and carrying. But this is something that can easily be replaced so I am not splitting hairs over this.

Overall I give these fins two ok signs and I am sure these should last me a lifetime just like my Chicho bear.

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