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What to Do in Ljubljana?

OK, so obviously you wouldn’t be pondering what to do in Ljubljana if you weren’t either there or planning to go. Lucky you!  A truly great destination, Ljubljana is one of the most exciting places you can possibly visit. The Slovenian capital is filled with over 10,000 cultural events each year. It has some of […]


What to Do in Vancouver?

The most populous and well-known metropolis in British Columbia, Vancouver is one Canadian city you should never pass up visiting. Known as a busy port city and ethnically diverse place it’s also one the best arts and music cities in Western Canada. It’s also a well-known filming location.  Sound good?  Great, because Vancouver is all that and were […]


What to do in Lima?

Lima is not only the capital of Peru, it is also an extraordinary place where you can get to know Peruvian culture at its liveliest.  Your going to love sampling the local food and seeking out historic monuments all while enjoying the beauty and richness of the Pacific Ocean. Where to Stay? Lima has thousands of hotels […]


What to Do in Istanbul?

Known as Byzantium or Constantinople, Istanbul is the city that has been the link between Europe and Asia for more than 1,500 years. It connects the two continents from an economic, cultural and political aspect. With a long past and rich varied tradition, it is no surprise that Istanbul is among the most popular tourist destinations, […]


What to Do in Florence?

Florence is the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany and attracts millions of visitors each year. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a center of art and culture since medieval times. Best of all, Florence has many attractions to suit just about anyone. Where to Stay Whether it is […]


What to Do in London?

Are you looking to tour the Royal Opera House?  Maybe you want to check out the works of Charles Dickens or Shakespeare at the British Library.  No, OK how about enjoy authentic cuisine from Turkey, France, Japan, or any other place you can think of in the entire world.  London has it all and is one […]