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Don’t leave your music behind!! To often I find myself on a backpacking trip and realize I wish I had my guitar to spin a few tunes around the campfire at night. The thought of taking it however is rather daunting because its so big and bulky, just outright unruly. Even when I’m just carrying my guitar by itself I end up banging it on walls and such. I couldn’t imagine hauling it around with me out in the woods along with all my other gear. Until now.

I bought the martin backpacker steel string guitar at the start of summer and lets say I just love it. OK, lets me honest, it don’t sound as good as my full sized guitars but it fits the bill perfect. I needed something small and something that could take some abuse from a backpacking trip. So far, I’ve taken the martin backpacker guitar backpacking with me two times this summer. Each trip was roughly five days and this little guitar has held up beautifully.

I did a lot of research before buying. I suggest you take a look at our other travel guitar reviews to find the right guitar for you.  I’m interested in anyone else who has a travel guitar and what kind and how they like it.

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  1. Ray

    I bought my washburn rover from a small guitar shop down the street from me. It was the only one they had as far as travel guitars except they did have some 3/4 models. anyway, I really enjoy the rover and even play it around the house sometimes instead of my other guitars. I never played a backpacker though.

  2. Elmer Cruz

    I learnt to play the ukulele just for this reason! It’s great fun plucking some tunes from it and gives an island holiday feel to the adventure 🙂 . You can practically play anything on it. I am now contemplating on getting a mandolin. 🙂

  3. Michael Jon Falk Post author

    @bedouindreamer (Elmer) Hey, I just actually bought a Ukulele myself just recently. I love it, the learning curve seems to be pretty easy after playing guitar and I’m already strumming some simple chord patterns and what not. The size is great but my Uke feels pretty fragile compared to the backpacker so I don’t know if I would trust it backpacking. Is yours pretty durable Elmer?

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