What is the Best Jacket for Travel?

HOTOUCH Womens Lightweight Travel Trench

HOTOUCH Womens Lightweight Travel Trench

Besides footwear, the jacket is perhaps the most essential clothing item while out traveling. If the shoe is uncomfortable or is not the best fit, you will not be able to enjoy your journey. You will experience pain or even worse, blisters.

Much the same, an unsuitable jacket can also cause a significant amount of discomfort. Your travel jacket can make or break your journey but a carefully selected piece will serve you well under a variety of travel and weather conditions. The best jacket for travel will be easy to clean even if you have no soap on hand. Chances are, you also want it to look good on you and be suitable for both, sightseeing as well as adventure.

What to Look for in a Travel Jacket?

Here are a few of the most important criteria a good travel jacket needs to fulfill:

Lightweight material that packs really small. Chances are that you will not be wearing your jacket all the time during your travel, so you need a jacket that can be folded into a very small pack and is lightweight, too, in order to avoid over-stuffing your luggage.

Waterproof and windproof qualities and materials with quick-drying surfaces. There is nothing worse than getting soaked to the skin by an unexpected shower, so make sure you choose a waterproof jacket. Wind resistance is also very important, especially if you have some mountaineering plans. Don’t forget that peaks can get really windy and you will probably get to the top sweaty, with only your jacket preventing you from catching a cold.

Ventilation – body heat regulation is also very important during trips in nature just as much as during sightseeing trips and the best jackets have great ventilation features to help you stay dry and comfortable. Breathable materials and mesh vents are very important features, so make sure your jacket as them.

Hoods and pockets – you need as much storage as possible and you also need the jacket’s pockets to be waterproof and to close properly to safe keep your valuables and your documents.

The Best Jackets for Travel

The travel jacket market offers a huge variety and lots of great models to choose from – here are a few of our favorites.

ScotteVest Pack Jacket

This man’s jacket is made from lightweight, durable and breathable polyester fabric that is treated with Teflon on the outside to make it even more resistant to staining and dirt. It is also completely wrinkle resistant, so you can fold it the way you want and pack it in your luggage for prolonged periods. When you take it out again, there will be no sign of the folds, no crease or wrinkle.

As the name suggests, this ScotteVest jacket has been designed to allow the wearer to have everything important packed neatly in the jacket. It comes with 13 pockets, including a zippered chest pocket and two exterior pockets that fasten securely. This helps keep your wallet and other small valuables safe from falling out or from pickpockets. The jacket also looks great. You can wear it with casual outfits or match it with more elegant clothes, too.

FlyLow Vixen

A stylish, durable and highly functional addition to any women’s travel wardrobe, this jacket is able to withstand storms and wind without as much as a tiny wrinkle or crease. It will also keep you warm when it gets cold outside, but without being heavy or stiff. The hood is so large that it can comfortably accommodate a skiing helmet. The jacket comes with waterproofed seams and lots of pockets, some of them small and hidden, others so large that you can easily carry your favorite book with you.

North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket

An excellent jacket for traveling in winter, the Thermoball can be folded into a miniature pack, it is completely waterproof, able to withstand even prolonged rain or snow and it is also fitted with high-tech insulation to keep you warm when it is freezing outside. The jacket makes the most of the latest technologies, so it is lightweight and durable and it also features additional comfort components such as elastic cuffs and perfectly sealing, well-sized pockets. Check prices on Amazon.

HOTOUCH Lightweight Hooded Jacket for Women

An attractive lady’s jacket with loads of functionality, this outdoor garment serves well as a raincoat and as a travel jacket, too. The asymmetrical hem makes it look great on you, while the comfortable length will protect your sensitive lower back area even when it gets cold or while you are sitting by the camp fire, with only the front of body warmed by the fire. The hood is adjustable with the help of drawstrings, and the jacket comes with comfortably sized pockets as well. The material of the jacket is waterproof and it dries very quickly after washing or after getting completely soaked.

The Correspondent Travel Jacket from Weekender

This men’s jacket looks like the jackets that war zone reporters wear in movies – khaki colored, soft and comfortable, fitted with lots of pockets of different sizes, inside and outside. The zip-off sleeves are adjustable at the cuffs and they can be taken off with a single move to convert the jacket into a vest. The material of the jacket combines the best features of cotton and nylon and it is completely wrinkle-proof and waterproof to guarantee you great looks even after the jacket has spent long hours in your luggage.

ScotteVest Women’s Standard Jacket

When you first look at this ladies’ jacket, you will have no idea it hides 25 different pockets. The storage compartments are in fact so ingeniously designed that they will not make the wearer look strange if she stuffs them all with gadgets and other belongings; what’s more, one of the pockets has been designed to protect your passport and credit card information by blocking certain frequencies. The jacket is made from a cotton blend fabric that has been treated with Teflon for improved resistance to staining. The zip-off sleeves can be taken on and off quickly if the weather changes.

Do you have a favorite Jacket for Travel? Tell us about it in the comments below? What makes it so special?

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