Bogner Noemi-D Ski Jacket for Women

Bogner created many beautifully designed jackets for women that are perfect for cold climates and changing weather conditions. The Noemi-D is a perfect example of this.

Built to last and made from 100% polyamide with DWR treatment, the jacket is designed to withstand cold winter temperatures with ease. Also, its cozy and stylish, slightly tailored silhouette is meant to provide its wearer with adequate comfort as well as a fashionable choice.

Bogner Noemi D

Bogner Noemi D

Key Features and Advantages of Opting for the Noemi-D

The 20,000 mm waterproof and 20,000g breathable design of the Noemi-D women’s jacket keeps you dry and comfortable in any weather. Even if the temperature rises slightly, the construction of the jacket will not promote sweating.  Its heat-reflecting lining with honeycomb texture still has a way of keeping in all the warmth, while keeping cold air out.

The built-in smart windbreaker and feathers will provide you with all the down warmth you need, while keeping wind and weather protection at its maximum. Also, the jacket has many practical features such as a stand-up collar for a more fashionable look.  We also like the two-way zipper and zipped lower sleeves to ensure both good protection and a diverse fashion sense.

There are two side zip pockets designed to keep your possessions warm and sealed in properly for added protection. You also get an additional single zip sleeves pocket and an interior single zip pocket for added storage choices.

An Ideal Jacket for Very Cold Weather

Should you consider the Bogner Noemi-D ski jacket? If you’re interested in a jacket that can keep you warm in temperatures lower than 20 degrees, the answer should be a definite yes. The fully down construction enables the jacket to offer full protection.  Its practical and lightweight design offers a versatile option for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.  So yeah, you should definitely consider it if you plan on hitting the slopes this year.

This is also a perfect jacket for a devoted fashionista. The horizontal quilted design, raised stand-up collar and stylish zipped sleeves can give you that unique look you’ve been looking for in a genuine, haute couture piece.

Opinions and Reviews

When it comes to style, insulation and water protection, the Bogner gets a 10/10 rating from most buyers who have used it on hikes and skiing trips. It has been known to offer good protection under the most trying circumstances, and its fashionable look makes it a good choice for casual winter wear. The only downside is the price, which is typically higher than average.

A few of the alternatives that buyers and experts recommended for a more affordable budget may also include the Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody, the Patagonia Down Sweater and the Mountain Equipment Lightline. However, while some of these jackets look great and offer good value for the price, none of them have the same attention to detail, fashion sense and appropriate insulation that you’d need from a beautifully designed and reliable ski jacket like the Noemi-D.

All in all, the evidence points to the Bogner ski jacket as a product that would be ideal for skiing and winter sports enthusiasts with a flair for fashion. Practical, stylish and durable, the jacket should definitely be on your list next time you look for a luxury piece to take on your skiing vacation.

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