Bogner Women’s Nica-DT Ski Jacket Review

Hit the slopes in style with the Bogner Women's Nica-DT Ski Jacket

Hit the slopes in style with the Bogner Women’s Nica-DT Ski Jacket

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I know, I know, why are you guys reviewing women’s ski jackets at the start of summer? Well, because this is the time of year you can get some really good deals. Bogner makes some of the best but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny so why not try to score a deal right?

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This Bogner women’s ski jacket is considered one of the top 12 most versatile and elegant ski jacket designs currently available on the market. Designed to offer good protection from snow and cold, it is a jacket that won’t let you down when the going gets tough. Best of all, this protection is offered through a lightweight and adjustable design.

Some of the Jacket’s Most Notable Features and Advantages

The Bogner NICA ski jacket was designed to keep you warm and comfortable on the most challenging of slopes, even in bad weather. The jacket features an ideal 750 fill down insulation design and 20K/20K waterproofing.

The natural feel of the fabric has an elegant design, and vivid colors will ensure that the wearer enjoys a jacket that’s not only practical but also a real fashion statement.

For added comfort, you get the Lycra thumbhole cuffs, a power skirt, an available fur trim for the hood and a detachable hood design. Also, the jacket has an excellent breathability rating, and its slim, lightweight design ensures that you get a tight fit, and can move around easily on the slopes.

A Versatile Ski Jacket

The features of the Bogner jacket were specifically designed for skiing. If you’re a passionate skiing enthusiast, or even if you’re more interested in snowboarding, hiking, and other mountainside activities, this jacket may be one of the best you can consider.

It’s practical and durable design provides adequate protection from the elements in the changing weather. Moreover, those looking for an easily adjustable jacket that offers good freedom of movement will be pleasantly surprised by the Bogner’s construction, which is designed to offer just that.

Reviewers’ Opinions

Although the Bogner women’s ski jacket hasn’t been long on the market, it already left a strong impression on its buyers. Most women consider it a fashionable jacket that does its job to protect its wearer from the elements, particularly when it comes to keeping snow and water out.

The soft fabric and snug fit it offers are some of the favorite features chosen by most buyers. Also, some have expressed their delight regarding the luxury design and attention to detail associated with the jacket, making it a better choice than the Arc’Teryx Andessa, the Black Diamond Mission or the Patagonia PowSlayer – all excellent ski jackets, however, considerably less sophisticated than the Bogner.

The only potentially problematic aspect associated with this jacket is its price. The Bogner women’s ski jacket is more expensive than the jackets listed above and many of their counterparts, making it a less appealing choice if you’re on a budget.

Should You Get It?

If you have the drive and desire to go all out and get yourself one of the best women’s ski jackets out there, the Bogner is well worth the cost. Rated 10/10 when it comes to warmth and comfort, and 9/10 for water protection, it has one of the best track records on the market for quality, durability and overall style.

Although the price is somewhat high, the jacket is well worth considering, especially if you are a dedicated skiing enthusiast, or if you just want to own one of the most elegant jackets for cold weather available on the market today.

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