Camel Ride In Petra

I’ll admit it, I had no idea camel riding was so DIFFICULT! Everyone always talks about how awesome it is and how you shouldn’t miss out on trying it, but my goodness, no one ever mentions what to actually expect. It definitely takes some time getting used to. But the process of riding a camel is an adventure all by itself and lucky for me, I got to experience my first ‘real’ camel ride with my Mom while she was visiting me in Jordan. I say ‘real’ because I chickened out the last time I got on one and jumped off as it began to stand up. It’s a bit embarrassing so let’s try to keep that between the two of us ;) So now I don’t want anyone else to feel they have to jump off as I did the first time because riding a camel is truly one of the coolest riding experiences out there. So to help you on your first camel ride I’ve put together a few riding tips that will transform you from a camel riding dummy into a modern day Lawrence of Arabia!

Tip # 1 Wear Long Pants!

I say this from personal experience as I was wearing a dress during my first camel ride. I know, I know- stupid mistake but let me explain myself: We were actually at the Dead Sea earlier and since I’m a lazy traveler I want to carry as little as possible, convenience is key. This means slipping on a dress over my bathing suit was the perfect idea. Of course, it was the perfect idea until I went ahead and rode a camel later that day. And trust me when I tell you, camel hair is not in the least bit comfortable tickling your thighs.

First ‘Real’ Ride on a Camel!!

Tip # 2 Keep The Electronics Strapped On!

Obviously you’ll want to be taking as many pictures, videos and perhaps sing-a-long to the Indiana Jones soundtrack during your ride, but keep in mind camels are tall creatures so any fall will be a long one. Unfortunately this tip is also from personal experience but luckily my camera survived the fall and my Husband was able to pick it up for me before anything was trampled on.

Tip # 3 Hold On With a Purpose!

Haha I love my Mom ;)

Any of those other camel riders out there know exactly what I’m talking about; the absolute scariest part of riding a camel is going up. As you can see in the lovely picture of my Mom, she didn’t know what she was in for. While getting up and down, when the camel leans forward, you must lean backwards to balance yourself. And when it is leaning backwards, remember to lean forward. This will stop you from falling and losing your grip.  Not only will you embarrass yourself if you fall over one of its humps, but the camel may become frightened and may accidentally trample you.

Tip # 4 Enjoy Yourself But Don’t Overdo It!

This one goes out to my Mom who was growled at in Petra for trying to pet the camel’s head. Camels are extremely emotional animals and if they see you getting too close or making too loud of noises they’re going to get scared and defend themselves. Their defense could be anything from spitting at you to growling and even get as harsh as biting you. But as long as you follow the instructions of what you should be doing, there shouldn’t be any problems.

And remember keep steady on the camel hump, we wouldn’t want you to fall off ;)


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  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Haha yes the camel was a bit taken back from my mom’s enthusiasm but she got the point quite quickly. Totally agree Jennifer, riding a camel has been one of my most favorite memories over here.
    Thanks for the comments guys :)

  2. Judy
    Judy says:

    Tiffany, I had one of the worst experiences of my life taking an overnight camel trek in Morocco. My camel wanted to sit down about every 5 minutes. It was like being on one of those Bull Riding machines you see in movies about Texan bars! You’re 9 feet up in the air, you pitch forward, drop, hit, almost fall off forward, then the reverse… Pure torture. There’s no stirrups, your legs are totally pitched outward, you’re on a hard wooden saddle, with only a tiny piece of metal to hang on to… and with sweaty hands, it’s not easy. Adrenaline kept me alive! Of course there is no insurance, no 911 to call, no cell phones to use to pick up your smashed and broken body…My camel guide admitted that my camel was not nice. Oh well… That picture of your Mom is priceless! Travellers beware!!!! A short ride may be just fine, but when you commit to overnight in the high dunes and hours of riding, you better be prepared!

  3. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Thanks for your comment Judy, I could NEVER imagine riding a camel for a full night! You’re or brave lady.:P seems like your camel had it out for you! Thankfully you made if through the trip but I don’t see you booking any more camel excursions again right? LOL. Thanks for your tips as well :)


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