Rick Steves

Salute to Rick Steves

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“Europe is ruined.” Thus pronounced a friend of a friend. Her complaint was one that many of us relate to. We want to be the lone traveler who has found our way to this quaint, unknown and oh-so-charming village. Trouble is, the village is…

My Top 5 List of Sexiest European Accents

Ladies this one’s for you! Going to Europe is usually on one’s bucket list of travels but besides the history, the food and the fun that’s planned you have to admit hearing those hot European men seducing you (well that’s what we’d…

Hanging Out with the Mafia

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My girlfriend and I were at a subterranean restaurant in the industrial port-city of Catania, Sicily. Cargo ships filled the harbor, shops sold horse-meat kebabs out of their doorways, and salt water flowed from the faucets. Ever since we’d…
Eiffel Tower

Conquering the Paris Metro

I was deposited at the Chatelet metro station with my large backpack sagging on my shoulders, wearing a straw cowboy hat that read "Je t’aime Charles de Gaulle Aeroports." My clothes were disheveled from a sleepless night across the Atlantic,…
Berat Castle

I Like Albanians!

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After two days of touring the castle and museums in Berat I head off for a hike and a local cultural experience  in the nearby mountains. Berat is not so touristy that it's lost its authenticity but still, there are a few other tourists wandering…