Disaster Proofing Your Trip: It's in the Preparation

We've all had our fair share of travel disaster stories. From confiscated items in the airport to lost luggage, to missing your flights and being detained - even worse, being detained in prison rather than just at the airport. Disaster proofing…
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Winter During Summer in the Blue Mountains, NSW

At 15 degrees celsius, it was the perfect vacation - winter during summer in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Normal summer temperatures would typically reach up to 40 degrees celsius in the mountains, but thanks to global warming, we were experiencing…
Opera House

What To Do in Sydney - City Getaways

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It was not my first time to be a tourist in my own backyard. I've lived in Sydney, Australia for more than 12 years but got to appreciate it even more when I moved to the Philippines back in year 2000. Since then I've been visiting Sydney…
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Hitting the Jackpot on a Sprint-Trip Adventure in Sydney

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We had to grab the opportunity! It was one of those rare moments we were able to get out of the clutches of my mom to be able to enjoy Sydney without her in tow. While the whole trip to Sydney was to help her set-up and manage her newly…
Mom's new Peugeot that I am itching to drive

Car hire in Australia...Sophistication is the Only Limitation

Mobility has always been a major consideration when I travel and it’s never been a problem for me whenever I go to Sydney. My mom would always lend me her car for the duration of the trip, provided that it is only within the Sydney metro…

Advice on the Right Luggage for the Adventure Travel You Seek!

My mother arrived last night from Sydney with her own adventure travel experience - she picked up someone else’s luggage and we only found out when she was trying to open it last night, surprised that her keys wouldn’t fit! She assumed…

Our first river crossing

We were travelling Australia by four wheel drive – a trip which was the culmination of a dream I had had for many years, built upon the tales of a trip around Australia my father did back in his twenties. Our steed was the legendarily…