Dahab In My Mind

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“I can’t be bothered.”  That was the phrase I kept hearing.  It was a declaration of the traveler’s current state of inertia, an abbreviation of “I would swim in that warm sea, but I can’t be bothered to walk the three meters.”…
Mexico Taxis

Does Travel Make Us Liars?

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The taxi driver is mad at me.  He flips a switch to open the trunk, but does not get out and help me with bag as is customary.  He doesn’t reply when I wish him a good day.  Is this a case where it would have been better to lie? I had gotten…

A Gigantic Lion with a Human’s Head

It was one scorching afternoon, a merchant riding a camel was suffering from severe illness after running out of food and water. He got caught in a sandstorm seven days ago—since then he’s been wandering in the desert not knowing where he’s…