Best of the Maya Part VI: What Happened?

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What Went Wrong? The 64,000 cocoa question (for a time the Maya used chocolate as currency!) is what went wrong? What caused this highly developed, safisticated and scientific culture to collapse? Scholars have proposed various theories all…
Carvings at Copán

Copán: Best of the Maya Part II

  Michael Angelo’s ancient Mayan cousin must have lived here. Seriously. Copán, which lies in the northwestern part of Honduras not far from Guatemala, is covered with spectacularly carved stele and sculptures. History written…

Birds, Brews and the Boy Next Door: A Visit to Lago de Yajoa

“Are you Bob?” I asked reaching out to shake the hand of the owner Bed, Breakfast and Microbrewery at Lago de Yajoa.  “And is it true that you’re from Timber?” He looked at me quizzically.  “I’m from Gales Creek,” I added. Then…