Camel Ride In Petra

Camel Riding Tips For Dummies

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I'll admit it, I had no idea camel riding was so DIFFICULT! Everyone always talks about how awesome it is and how you shouldn't miss out on trying it, but my goodness, no one ever mentions what to actually expect. It definitely takes some time…

The Greener Side of Jordan

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Homesick? Not Exactly... When you decide to live overseas for a long period of time it is amazing the things you realize you miss from home the most. Now besides my family and friends there is one significant ‘item’, I suppose you could…

So You Think You Can Dance?

I feel this post should have a disclaimer, so here it goes: Anything you read, see or somehow hear on this post that makes you feel I was under the influence of alcohol during these events, I have to shamefully admit I completely knew what…

Romans Putting Their Touch in the Middle East

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“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Well in this case… “When in Jordan, play as the Romans play.”  Downhill from the towering Citadel is Downtown Amman’s Roman Theatre, still very much in tact since it was first built during the…