Milford Track: The Finest Walk in the World

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Is Milford Track  really the finest walk in the world? You’ll have to judge that for yourself. But it is one New Zealand’s Great Walks (a designation given by the New Zealand Department of Conversation for comfortable, multi-day, walking…

New Zealand Tour

Aotearoa, the Maori name for New Zealand which means, the land of the long white cloud is a developed country in the microcontinent, Zealandia. It is a fantastic country for a holiday, as it has great attractions, and it has been chosen as…
Sunrise in Tikitiki New Zealand

First to See the Sun: Sunrise in TikiTiki

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Sometimes our best memories of travel are from being in the right place at the right time. Here, Candace remembers a new adventure on the east coast of New Zealand, all while overcoming an old fear. Sam nudged me awake at a quarter to…

Five Things You Should Know About Pushing Your Backpacker Lifestyle into Middle-age

I recently read an article on travel website about the advantages of traveling when you’re older.  It had some good points, but overall I found it disturbing.  The “older” author was 28.  Twenty-eight! I’m not in my twenties…or…

New Zealand : The Land of the Long White Clouds.

From a six seated twin otter plane, out of Wellington International Airport, came an exhilarating view of the glorious New Zealand coastline, spectacularly beautiful landscape, vast mountain chains, steaming volcanoes, lush rain forests, wilderness…