What to Do in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the world’s major cities, a busy metropolis and a commercial, economic and cultural center as well as a center for modern and classic arts.  It has a history dating back to the 3rd century BC and offers cozy streets…
Sagrada Familia

Holy Incomplete: Remarkable Unfinished Churches

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La Sagrada Familia A clueless 20-something, wondering through Europe with a few dollars and a train pass,  I had come to Barcelona completely unaware that I was entering one of the most architecturally fascinating cities of the world.  But…
Alicante by Comunitat Valenciana

The Alluring Spanish City of Alicante

If Barcelona is too overrated, or you have already finished all the tours and activities in Madrid, and you still want to stay somewhere in Spain that is not too crowded  - try the charming city of Alicante. There are a lot of cheap flights…
Goya - The Third of May

Three Reasons the Prado is my Favorite Art Museum in Europe

Okay, let’s be fair. I haven’t been to every art museum in Europe.  Still it’s hard for me to imagine liking one better than the Prado.It meets my criteria for everything a museum should be: Not Too Big I’ve said it before and I’ll…

The Top Nightspots in Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Are you planning Tenerife holidays? If so, make sure you head to the south coast to check out its nightlife and beaches - a killer combination if ever there was one. To find out some of the top places to go to in Los Cristianos when the sun…