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What to Do in Bangkok?

Bangkok is the Capital of Thailand and one of the true shining stars of the orient. Known for its vibrant nightlife, ornate shrines, outstanding luxury restaurants and beautiful Royal Grand Palace, the city will astound and impress you in more…

Temple Run: 5 Tips to Make Your Temple Adventure in Bangkok a Success

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It seemed easy enough getting out and about in Bangkok to visit the temples. Armed with a map and a lot of enthusiasm I decided to do the Bangkok Temple Run on my own and not rely on a planned tour: after all, I am an adventure (read stubborn)…

Bangkok Food Trip - 5 Fabulous Dishes to 'Whet' Your Appetite

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I just concluded a 5-day trip to Bangkok, back in Manila now and I'm missing the flavors of Thailand. Thai food is one of my all time favorites. The flavors just explode in your mouth with the right balance of spicy, sweet, salty, sour and…

Underwater Yoga with a Shark

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The wall of rock in front of me seems to be moving.  How can this be? I swim closer and realize that I am not hallucinating from nitrogen narcosis. The movement is real, but it is not the rock.  It is a million tiny, navy blue fish which live…