I Should Have Asked: Things to Know Before You Sign Up for a Day Tour

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All four of us in the gigantic silk store were crabby.  The employees were obviously annoyed that we weren’t buying.  And my travel partner and I were not happy to be there.  We had not signed on for this.  At least not knowingly.  It…

Lara Croft Meets James Bond on the Mekong Floating Market

A small sampan Maybe it was from the beer and rice wine cocktail or the exhausting trip to various places of interests along the Mekong or the fear of the unknown or the 45-minute shower that got me sleeping like a log. It may have well been…
Sampan Ride

Lara Croft in an Apocalyptic Adventure Down the Mekong River

I lay motionless in the wooden bed watching the giant praying mantis try to free itself from the webbing of the pink mosquito net. The drone of the electric fan in the room drowning the voices of the people outside. I could feel movement…