Traveling in a Trashy World

I was feeling guilty about the chilaquiles  I’d just eaten. Not the fact that they were fried in oil, slathered with cream and sprinkled with cheese. I’d made a conscious decision to go down the road of High Fat. Nor did I feel bad about…
Gibbon Experience

The Gibbon Experience - Monkeying around in northern Laos

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“Step into the harness as if you’re stepping into a diaper,” the narrator in the instruction video said. “Don’t reckon I ever actually have stepped into a diaper,” a fellow traveler mumbled. Fair point.  I hadn't either.  But…

The Bottle Museum of Panagsama, Moalboal

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The Bottle Museum is a cross between "Letters to Juliet" and "Message in a Bottle." This place is full of positive vibe and radiates a warm fuzzy feeling.
Me BRT Background

In the Presence of Her Majesty, Mother Nature, Atop the Banaue Rice Terraces

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I didn't want to make the trip, almost succeeded in avoiding it, which I would have regretted! There were a lot of challenges coordinating the trip and I was milking all the reasons not to go. I mean who looks forward to business trips where…
just like heaven

A Dose of Sulfur in Dumaguete

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Have you ever felt this feeling of adventure lust just after you have woken from a deep slumber? Well I have – a dozen and one times already. I immediately called up my friends to check who would be available on that one lazy Sunday morning.…

Green your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give, what else, but thanks. It's in the name. We are thankful for our families, friends, the food on the table, the clothes that we wear and the heat in our homes. But it also should be a time to thank Mother Earth.…
Vegan french toast

Wake up, be veg and stop pollution with animal waste

Vegan french toast Breakfast for dinner is always fun, and so I decided to make some. Breakfast for vegans can be a bit difficult, because most dishes contain eggs, different in a way that cakes and cookies contain them. However, I found…

Forever in a landfill: Bottled water not just bad for environment

Water – it makes up 70 percent of the planet. It also is important for our survival, even more than food. But toxins are threatening our water and our bodies, and one of those main sources of those toxins is plastic. According to the Beverage…