Eat-People Fish: Coming to a Pond Near You

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People are often trying to find ways to spice up sports.  When wrestling got too boring they added Hulk Hogan; baseball added Babe Ruth.  Genghis Khan decided to make polo more interesting by using severed human heads in place of a wooden…
Kayak beached.

A MOVEABLE FEAST: Scooping Gourmet Dinners by Kayak

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It was on the eleventh day of our journey that I found the lagoon. South of Bella Bella, on a rugged coast midway-way between Vancouver and the Alaskan border, and so far off the beaten sea-track that we hadn’t seen a fishing boat or a…

MAN-GOO-LIAA: Fishing in the Land of the Khan

My sole motivation for heading to Mongolia to fish came from the descriptions I got from a guy in Beijing.  Greg was a giant from Nebraska, and living in China.  He had just come back from a trip to Mongolia and was eager to share his experiences. …