Berber Kitchen

What’s Cooking in the World's Kitchen

“It’s going to be a damned expensive cup of coffee,” my friend admitted. Indeed.  Thousands of dollars.  She was telling me about her kitchen remodel and we were reflecting on the fact that in our travels, we’d both noticed that…

People of the Corn

Two worlds collide.  The Old one brings the New one an array of gifts: Christianity, guns, horses, Small Pox and steel weapons, changing the fate of it’s people forever.  And what history-changing items did the New World give to the Old?…

Dandong: See North Korea Without Actually Going There

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It’s not that often that you go to one place so you can have a look at another, but that’s what we did.  I had been in China for two hectic months, trying to get the hang of my teaching job, demystify the culture and figure out how to cross…

Feast in the East: Etiquette Tips for Fine Dining in China

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If you spend any serious amount of time in China, you will most likely be wined and dined by Chinese friends who want to impress (and show off) their foreign guests.  This is what happens if you’re lucky.  If you’re unlucky, they will…
Lion and the Pig

Introducing Dumaguete - The City of Gentle People

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641 kilometers (398 miles) south of Metro Manila in the Philippines lies, what's been dubbed as,The City of Gentle People - Dumaguete (doo-mah-get-eh), the capital of the province of Negros Oriental. A captivating hodgepodge of sun, sand, sea,…
a mputhful

How to travel without leaving the comfort of your home

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I've been wanting to test my new underwater camera setup for quite some time now, but it's been taken over by other things  since I bought it last June. Meanwhile I have a dive trip to Dumaguete later this month and it would be a pity not…

Eating My Way Through Ramadan & Loving It!

Ramadan Kareem to all my Allah lovers! Today marks Day 19 of Ramadan, aka the holy month to all Islam followers.  To me, these past 19 days have pretty much been a reoccurring Thanksgiving. We prepare food all day, invite over family, visit…

Bangkok Food Trip - 5 Fabulous Dishes to 'Whet' Your Appetite

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I just concluded a 5-day trip to Bangkok, back in Manila now and I'm missing the flavors of Thailand. Thai food is one of my all time favorites. The flavors just explode in your mouth with the right balance of spicy, sweet, salty, sour and…
Cafe de Paris, Cooking Class

Overseas Cooking Classes – Your Best Travel Souvenir

Thank you, James Michener! I’ve learned a lot from your books over the years and the thousand pages of Iberia I just finished was no exception, an enlightening tour of Spanish history and culture.  However, I can say without a doubt, that…
Opera House

What To Do in Sydney - City Getaways

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It was not my first time to be a tourist in my own backyard. I've lived in Sydney, Australia for more than 12 years but got to appreciate it even more when I moved to the Philippines back in year 2000. Since then I've been visiting Sydney…