Rick Steves

Salute to Rick Steves

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“Europe is ruined.” Thus pronounced a friend of a friend. Her complaint was one that many of us relate to. We want to be the lone traveler who has found our way to this quaint, unknown and oh-so-charming village. Trouble is, the village is…
Monkey King

Before your Journey to the East, Read Journey to the West

If you go to the Red Woods, you need to know Paul Bunyan. If you go to Mexico, you should know Catrina. And if you go to China, you should know the Monkey King. Otherwise you may find scenes like this, and there are a lot of them, confusing…
Mexico Taxis

Does Travel Make Us Liars?

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The taxi driver is mad at me.  He flips a switch to open the trunk, but does not get out and help me with bag as is customary.  He doesn’t reply when I wish him a good day.  Is this a case where it would have been better to lie? I had gotten…

Yes Actually, You Can Run Away From Your Problems

Over and over again, I see other travelers, as well as myself, get accused of trying to “run away” from our problems. (Why else would someone choose a life of expanding horizons and constant adventure when they could be enjoying a mundane…

Traveling Between the Pages – Some Great Books to Help You Travel When You Can’t

I know we all want to pretend that we’re hard core adventurers.  But let’s admit it.  Sometimes we travel to distant and exotic locations for the purpose of inserting ourselves into a hammock and reading until we wake up.  And sadly,…
Virgin Islands

Why These 5 Excuses Stalling Your Adventure Abroad Are Complete BS!

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Ok I get it you have a job, you have a family, there’s a ton of bills to be paid, blah blah blahhh. I support and understand all those things so I’m not going to try convincing you you’re not really ‘living’ until you’ve taken a…

Why Getting Outside Can Make You Smarter

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Summer 2012 here in the Philippines is about to end, and due to my complicated health situation, I was not able to travel and have a getaway. My mom, stepdad, and my stepsiblings went for a vacation in Manila, and I was left at home. For people…

Don’t Know the Language? Not a Problem!

Knowing multiple languages is an amazing task to conquer and I applaud all those who can triumph over language barriers with ease. I, on the other hand, have been attempting to learn Spanish since Elementary School and you’d think I would…

Hanging Out with the Mafia

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My girlfriend and I were at a subterranean restaurant in the industrial port-city of Catania, Sicily. Cargo ships filled the harbor, shops sold horse-meat kebabs out of their doorways, and salt water flowed from the faucets. Ever since we’d…

What is Adventure Travel?

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Adventure travel is a vague term mostly associated with some type of activity you do while traveling.  Common outdoor travel adventures include hiking, kayaking, climbing, and bicycling to name just a few. The activity is important but…