Hopping hostel

Is Staying in a Hostel Right for You?

What is a Hostel Like?  Just like restaurants, hotels, schools, and bars, hostels run the gamut.  Some are fabulous, some not so much, but they tend to have some things in common. Hostels are social. They are place to mingle with other…

Other Places' Politics

A short, gray-haired man was on the television yelling emphatically in Hebrew.  Of course, I couldn’t understand a word he said, but the news broadcast I was watching had commentators who spoke English.  They explained that he was a member…

How to Choose the Right Hostel for You

It’s loud and dirty, but a lot of people seem to really like it anyway,” the guidebook said of my hostel in Jerusalem.  That was exactly how I felt about the place.  It had a good vibe. What worked for me back then, might not work for…

Disney- Making Dreams Come True All Across The Globe

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Disney, oh how I love you. From a fascinated child replaying Cinderella and daydreaming of meeting my own Prince Charming to a young adult captivated by the magic and majestic greatness of the Disney theme parks. All in all Disney is my secret…

What is Adventure Travel?

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Adventure travel is a vague term mostly associated with some type of activity you do while traveling.  Common outdoor travel adventures include hiking, kayaking, climbing, and bicycling to name just a few. The activity is important but…
Shopkeepers in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The ‘Where are you from?’ Culture

Istanbul is no doubt a great place for shopping. Have a walk in the Grand Bazaar, a virtual labyrinth of fascinating shops; it’s easy to be drawn by the carpets, copper and brassware, jewelry and all kinds of ceramics. Hmm, no. My story…

Manipay the Paradise of Jaffna

The first picture that comes to mind on hearing the word “Maanipaai” is verdant green paddy fields that stretch as far as eye can see. The area retains its natural beauty, charm, simplicity and tranquil atmosphere which makes it a perfect…

Cruising the Maldives

FAR from any continental land mass, the islands of Maldives have long been linked to a string of pearls set in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.  The country is situated 500km from the Southern tip of both Sri Lanka and India.  Though…

New Zealand : The Land of the Long White Clouds.

From a six seated twin otter plane, out of Wellington International Airport, came an exhilarating view of the glorious New Zealand coastline, spectacularly beautiful landscape, vast mountain chains, steaming volcanoes, lush rain forests, wilderness…