Dahab In My Mind

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“I can’t be bothered.”  That was the phrase I kept hearing.  It was a declaration of the traveler’s current state of inertia, an abbreviation of “I would swim in that warm sea, but I can’t be bothered to walk the three meters.”…
Camel Ride In Petra

Camel Riding Tips For Dummies

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I'll admit it, I had no idea camel riding was so DIFFICULT! Everyone always talks about how awesome it is and how you shouldn't miss out on trying it, but my goodness, no one ever mentions what to actually expect. It definitely takes some time…

Eating My Way Through Ramadan & Loving It!

Ramadan Kareem to all my Allah lovers! Today marks Day 19 of Ramadan, aka the holy month to all Islam followers.  To me, these past 19 days have pretty much been a reoccurring Thanksgiving. We prepare food all day, invite over family, visit…