Copper Canyon.

Copper Canyon: Into the Deep

“There’s a canyon in northern Mexico, bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon…” I’d heard this years before I came to live in Mexico. So when some American friends said they wanted to visit Copper Canyon, we decided to rendezvous…
Golden Gate Bridge

Weekend in San Francisco

Party in San Francisco! I follow sports just about as closely as I follow the weather conditions on Pluto. Yet it did vaguely seep into my consciousness that the San Francisco baseball team was playing in the World Series. “Hope that’s…

Best of the Maya Part VI: What Happened?

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What Went Wrong? The 64,000 cocoa question (for a time the Maya used chocolate as currency!) is what went wrong? What caused this highly developed, safisticated and scientific culture to collapse? Scholars have proposed various theories all…
Chichén Itzá

Chichén Itzá: Best of the Maya Part V

Entering Chichén Itzá, the visitor is immediately confronted with a pyramid so striking it encapsulates what most of us think of when we think of Mesoamerican ruins. But El Castillo is more than just a perfect pyramid, it is actually a giant…

Uxmal: Best of the Maya Part IV

Less likely to appear in one of those cable channel documentaries, or on the cover of a guidebook or the travel agency poster, Uxmal is the least well known of the Mayan sites mentioned in this series. That does not mean that you will be in…

Palenque: Best of the Maya Part III

Palenque If you are only going to see one Mayan site in your life, I would recommend Palenque. With its gleaming white lime stone buildings, intact roof combs, intricately carved stele and lively jungle atmosphere, Palenque has it all. It’s…
Carvings at Copán

Copán: Best of the Maya Part II

  Michael Angelo’s ancient Mayan cousin must have lived here. Seriously. Copán, which lies in the northwestern part of Honduras not far from Guatemala, is covered with spectacularly carved stele and sculptures. History written…

Tikal: Best of the Maya, Part I

Builders of monuments, creators of calendars and discoverers of chocolate, the Maya easily hold their own as one of the most fascinating civilizations to have left their mark on the world. Mayan sites are some of the primary attractions which…
Yangtze River

Yangtze River Cruise: Three Gorges, Two Friends, One Big-Ass Dam

There are certain things you have to do in China. You have to go see the Wall. You have to fumble around with chop sticks at a fancy meal with way too much food, and you have to cruise the Yangtze River. Okay, maybe you don’t have to, but…
Aztec Calendar

Mexico's National Museum of Anthropology

The couple I was traveling with had worked themselves up into a bit of a spat by the time we reached Mexico City. He was rabid to see everything. She was having stomach problems and wanted to be comfortable. It was beginning to look as if we…