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It was cold, really cold, the kind of cold that makes you think falling in a snowbank and calling it a night might be comforting. OK, it wasn’t that cold but it was a little bit chilly when we set out for the night hike.  I think there was supposed to be sledding but we never arrived at the hill.

Instead our group found ourselves on the frozen river, the moon leaving a trail of diamonds on the snow for us to follow.  There was nothing typical about the group.  Where we should have had snow shoes, we had big boots. Where others dragging sleds might go sledding, we found a deeper involvement; the transport of expired beer bottles from the woods to safety.  Oh, and our backpack, the soul source of happy spirits for such an adventure had everything to keep the trip going, beer.

OK, maybe our group wasn’t so unusual for such a short excursion.  Nope, just a group of friends looking to share some good times during the winter.  After about a hour we came upon a massive tree fallen across the river.  It was a great place to just relax.  We made a fire on the ice and gathered around it for some warmth.

One of the backpacks had become mysteriously lighter on the way out and that’s when I realized there was still something else in it.  It was light and only took up a little room at the bottom but it was definitely something. Wondering what it could be I rummaged to the bottom of the pack and pulled it out.  Oh yeah, “Hammock Bliss Triple” the tag read on the small pouch.  I had put it in the bag on a previous camping experience but never got around to trying it out.  It was definitely the time.

When I first started to pull the hammock out of the attached travel bag my immediate thought was “Wow, it’s a magic trick.  That’s a lot of hammock for such a small bag.”  It was constructed of hi-strength Nylon Parachute Material, definitely quality.  I skimmed the description card quick, 6mm climbing rope, super tough, comfortable, compact, travels great, and so on.  That was good enough for me, lets hang it.

We found a nice spot on the massive tree that had fallen across the river and put the hammock up.  It took less than a minute and we had some really comfortable sitting/sleeping arrangements.  The thing about this hammock was that it really made people want to give it a try and everyone who tried it had the same thing to say.  “This is great, really comfortable.  Where did you get it and how much did it cost?”

So here is a quick link to the product and some details I pulled from the site where I got it.  Check out the Hammock Bliss Triple.  I’m certain this hammock will comfort the weariest of campers.

  • Enormous Comfort Zone Great For Couples Who Want The Ultimate In Friendly Snuggle Space Great For Kids, Ideal For The Big & Tall
  • Hammock Constructed Of High Strength Nylon
    Parachute Material – Soft & Breathable
    Quick Drying – Resists Rot & Mildew
  • Super Tough – 770 lb Test – 100%Nylon
    6mm Climbing Rope – 100 Inches Per Side
    Included For Easy Set Up On The Go
  • Hammock Is Compact, Lightweight & Ready
    For Adventure – Travel Bag Is Permanently
    Attached & Doubles As A Handy Gear Pouch
  • Machine Washable & Dryable
    Strength Tested – 350 pounds
Dimensions: 8’2” x 9’10” 250 cm x 300 cm
Weight: 26 oz 715 grams
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