Composite Acoustics Closes the Doors

I hate to see a American Company producing such a great product go under but I guess it is so, Composite Acoustics has officially closed the doors. This leads one to speculate, what happened? Are they just victim of these difficult economic times?

Lots of speculation has surfaced but perhaps some answers as well. I remember when doing some research into the composite fiber travel guitar I looked at two in particular. The Composite Acoustics Cargo and the Blackbird Rider. I remember thinking, “why was there such a difference in price?” The Composite Acoustics Cargo sold for at least a couple hundred dollars less. Now I wonder if its possible that they simply under priced their guitars in a attempt to get a bigger share of the market.

This could stand to reason because carbon fiber is not cheap and the cost and time to manufacturer such guitars would ultimately lead to higher prices on the shelf. Still, for some reason they seemed able to eat the cost and offer prices that were somewhat reasonable to their wood counterparts.

I guess anything is possible and there is probably a combination of factors at work here that ultimately led to this fate. The only thing I am sure of is that it wasn’t the quality of the product being produced that ultimately harmed them. More likely it was somewhere in the management of the company and overall business plan because composite acoustics made great guitars.

So where does that leave the consumer? I’ve heard that they are shipping all inventory out to the dealers so whats out there is whats left. Don’t expect any barn burner deals either, in all likely hood the value of such guitars will probably go up. If you were thinking about investing in one now would be a good time if you can find one.

The future? Who knows, maybe some investor will come along and pick them up or something. For now, viable alternatives exist for those in the market for a carbon fiber guitar. Currently we are in the process of reviewing a Blackbird Rider Steel String and everyone I’ve shared it with has been very impressed including myself. Stay tuned for this complete review.

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  1. Wandering Musician Post author

    This should probably be updated – If you haven’t heard yet Peavey purchased CA. Looking forward to see the Cargo Live on.

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