The Cordoba Mini O – A Well-Designed Compact Nylon String Guitar for Travel

When looking for the same quality you’d get from a full sized acoustic guitar in a smaller, compact version designed for easy travel and portability, the Cordoba Mini O is one of the most practical, as well as elegant solutions you can find.

This handy and durable little instrument is surprisingly loud, without distorting the clear, rich sound it can help you create. It is designed to be just right for travel, and comes with a natural finish, while feeling just like a full sized guitar.

The Cordoba Mini’s Design

Although some might prefer spruce tops, the combination between its ovangkol body and abalone rosette looks quite stunning on the Cordoba, and it confers a natural, relaxing feel that will make you want to start playing as soon as you pick up the guitar.

Also, perfectionists will be happy to note that practically every detail is perfectly in check and you won’t find flaws in the construction of this guitar that are of any consequence.

A truly beautiful instrument with a natural satin finish, perfectly scaled for whether you want to use it as a couch guitar or a travel guitar, the Cordoba Mini O definitely means business, being the kind of guitar that instantly attracts the attention of your audience in any setting.

Sound Quality

Many would believe the Cordoba Mini to be an ukulele as soon as they see it. However, the sound is quite different, as is the power and playability associated with this well-designed little guitar.

Tuned to A by default, it can also be tuned to a standard E, and you’ll find it comes with a loud, clear sound, managing to maintain its clarity and richness even when playing higher notes.

The 20” scale length and 50” nut width of the guitar are perfectly proportioned to create full, powerful sounds that resonate beautifully. You can feel the vibration clearly against your chest, and the quality of the sound it produces will definitely not disappoint.

Setup is spot on right out of the box and the action is low making it easy to play with zero fret buzz.

Durable Workmanship

The Cordoba Mini O comes ready to use right out of the box, and its build quality is quite flawless, not only in terms of the attractiveness of its design and the quality of the sound it is able to create, but also when it comes to resilience and its ability to withstand the test of time.

Its solid ovangkol constructions looks and feels sturdy when you hold the guitar, and you’ll be able to notice that it can withstand a lot of abuse without being damaged – although it might not be a good idea to actually try and check to see what would damage it.

Overall, those who have tried out this mini guitar have found that it keeps up with an active musician’s lifestyle quite easily, and the sound quality does not fade over time.

When you buy the Cordoba Mini, you also get a custom Cordoba gig bag that can offer additional protection during your travels, or may just be a fashionable accessory you can show off to your friends.

There aren’t a lot of things anyone can say to complain about when it comes to this high quality guitar. Compact, easy to manage and quite affordable, it is the perfect solution for traveling musicians who want to add style, as well as quality sound to their mix.

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