Dubai Desert Safari

Sandboarding in Dubai

I want to have a desert adventure. Dubai, here I come!

Ever since I first read the Dune series by Frank Herbert, I have wanted to explore the open desert and revel in its harsh mysteries. I have read about the different options out there to satisfy my dusty desires, and Dubai it seems has everything I want.

I can take a 4×4 around the dunes of Dubai for around $85, and as my vehicle glides over the sand, I can envision myself riding the back of the great sand worm of Arrakis.

I can’t wait to talk with the locals about their own experiences in the deep desert and even to strap a board to my feet to do some sandboarding. To feel the heat of the sun blazing overhead as I slice my way from dune to dune, learning the secrets that the desert holds, how to identify the scrubby brush, and how to tell a mirage from a real oasis on the horizon.

All these things are just a hop skip and a jump away during any holidays to Dubai. There are also packages available to camp out under the 1001 Arabian stars for a night in the desert that includes a bar-b-que dinner, a visit to a camel farm, opportunities to see how henna designs work and get one yourself, smoke the shisha (traditional water pipe), and the evening is capped off by a belly dancer performing her show for those in attendance.

Holidays in Dubai look to give you a real desert experience, while other more notable desert attractions like the pyramids in Egypt are now so cluttered with tourists that the majesty of the experience can be lost while brightly clad sun burnt hotel vacationers push you aside so they can take pictures of the sphinx.

I don’t want that nonsense. Just me and the desert. To feel the hot wind on my face, feel the grit in the air stinging my eyes, get up close and personal with a camel. It’s as close as I can get to the mythical world of Arrakis here on Earth, and I can’t wait to start my holiday in Dubai.

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