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View of Gran Via, Madrid, taken from top deck of Madrid Vision tour bus.

European buses tend to be a favorite way to travel for those budget travelers like students and backpackers. But there is another great option that Europe’s buses have to offer. Buses offer a great way to tour the city or visit the country side. The Double Decker open air buses are the best ways to see cities like Amsterdam or London to name a couple. Then there is the other side of the bus spectrum like the luxury buses that allow to visit things like the fjords in Norway or the Scottish Highlands in… well I think you know where these travel.

Norway can be one of the most beautiful places to take a Europe bus tour. Most of these tours offer the combination of bus and boat, this is the best option. If taking a tour in Norway the best place to start is in the countries capital Oslo. If you just want to see the city you can get on a Double Decker and do a hop on hop off tour. The best way to visit Norway is to take a full day grand tour that involves a luxury bus and a boat ride which allows you to see the fjords and the one of a kind coast line from two different perspectives.

When visiting the Netherlands the best way to see the country is on a Europe bus tour. Start off in Amsterdam and take a nine hour tour around the country. The one good thing about the Netherlands being the densest country in world is that it allows you to see a large part of the country in one day by bus and with out all the hassles of driving or catching trains.

If history is your thing then you can not skip Berlin, Germany. The city offers so many historic relics to the past and even new monuments dedicated to the struggles during World War II like the Jewish War Memorial. There is so much to see it might seem overwhelming and make it hard to choose a starting point. Well the hop on hop off tour makes your decision making much easier. The guided tour is offered in a multitude of languages and allows you to jump off at one of your favorite spots and hop back on the next bus comes. Even if this is not enough you can upgrade to a boat tour or even a full day in Hamburg.

The great thing about Europe bus tours is that you can visit multiple countries in one day tour. If mountains and beautiful lakes are your style then you can not miss a tour starting in Zurich going through the Swiss Alps and visiting one of the most beautiful and smallest countries in the world, the Principality of Liechtenstein. The tour allows leisurely walks in the mountains and a stop at the post office. Post office you say? This unique post office has some of the most coveted stamps around and is a must stop for any collectors.

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