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The Bridge and the Mall at Clarke QuayIf you’re heading out on vacation for Singapore, you want to be ready and prepared. When you don’t have a lot of time to spend, you don’t want to use your few days to wander aimlessly around, hoping to find a good club or a good show. You want to use you time experiencing the best of the best! Well here are some of the best places to go in Singapore for evening entertainment.

1. Drinks and Lounging: There’s nothing better to do in the evening to unwind after a long day of busyness then to find a nice place sit with your friends, have drinks and swap stories of the day. Here are some excellent choices of places to relax together:

Drink Culture Singapore: This day cafe and bar at night is a great place to come and chill with your buddies. At this smart-casual, Victorian style cafe, you can relax with a delicious fruit cocktail to the sounds of jazz playing in the background.

Bar Opiume: If you’re looking for someplace a little fancier, this elegant restaurant and bar is a great choice. Grab your American Express Krisflyer Ascend and you won’t regret being able to enjoy the scenic view, live music, tasty food and great selections of vodka.

2. Dance Clubs: You can’t miss hitting the dance floor while you’re in Singapore! With eclectic choices at various locations, you can find your style of music and sway to the beat. Check out these places:

The Arena: Try out this sophisticated club. Serving excellent food and cocktails, you can’t beat the chic glam of dancing into the evening to live R&B and Hip-Hop at this modern and semi-goth location.

Home Club: Maybe you’d prefer something a bit more casual. This fun dance club has a great young, underground vibe to it. The music selection ranges from indie, to rock, to dance, and with its casual ambiance, spending time here is said to be like spending an evening in a friend’s bedroom.

3. Bands: When you’re looking for music, sometimes the best way to go is a live band! Even if you don’t feel like dancing, there are some great places to just sit and listen to the music. Here are some good artists to look for:

John and Kreuger: This 5-person band is Singaporean and does excellent original music as well as covers. Playing from rock to ballads as well as many radio hits, you won’t miss hearing the music of these talented musicians.

DJ Drem: What a great place to go to listen to some funky and creative music mash-ups! DJ is known for his original blends of hip-hop, funk and soul music, and this in-demand musician will certainly make for a very entertaining evening.

As you explore the nightlife of beautiful Singapore, from bars to restaurants to clubs to bands, you will find something entertaining and satisfying wherever you go. So don’t miss out: hurry up and get out to enjoy your evening!

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  1. Yenny Lee

    I think nothing really beats Clarke Quay as the nightspot of Singapore, unless you prefer the quiet. If you do, then there’s Marina Bay. Or for a better adventure, there’s the night safari 🙂

    Went to Clarke Quay when I was in Singapore and the place’s really awesome! The environment’s so lively you will find it quite difficult to leave.

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