Fall chill is here to stay; get your menu ready!

The wind is blowing, sweaters are being pulled out of the back of closets, and harvest time is here!
This also means it’s “hearty food time.” The summer was all about cooler, simple, refreshing meals. As the temperature chills the bones, our bodies crave heavy, pipping-hot dishes to warm our bellies and souls.
This time of year, I think of my back-to-school days, when I would watch my mother make dinner for the family. There was always a meat, a starch and a vegetable, and I was craving the same meals now.
It’s so simple to recreate such a dish!

First, the “meat”: tempeh, tofu, seitan, TVP. Pick your favorite and create a burger, cutlet, meat pieces. Flavor sweet or spicy, or in between. It doesn’t need a special sauce, just frying in a pan does the job.

Next, the starch: potatoes, rice, noodles. Mashed potatoes or au gratin, simply boiled with a bit of vegan butter. How about white rice with soy sauce or leftover risotto. Boil the noodles and add butter and spice or tomato sauce.

You can add veggies right to the starch, or cook them separate. For a quick fix, use canned, but frozen is best. Fresh needs to be cooked a little longer, and probably separate before adding to starch. The favorites for me is peas and green beans. If you can handle carrots or corn, go for it! Try mixing squash into rice or noodles, and fresh tomatoes are considered the veggie (even though it’s really a fruit.)

Try searching Vegweb.com for ideas for each, or just think of what mom used to make and try recreating it, vegan-style.


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