Fender Squier Mini Player Electric Guitar Review

squier mini playerI received the Fender Squier Mini Player for a birthday present from my girlfriend.   She wanted to buy me something that I was passionate about but she knew she couldn’t afford to buy above the two full size electric guitars I already own.  Solution:  go practical.

I admit, at first I thought it was a joke or something until she explained why she bought it.  So many times we travel places or just end up in a situation where I would like to play a guitar but I either

A.) didn’t bring it because of space and storage issues
B.)  don’t feel like hauling it out and setting up
C.)  just don’t find it practical

Whats great about this little guitar is that the amplifier, speaker and distortion are all built into the guitar.  You have two separate knobs for volume and distortion to tune it just how you want it.  There’s  no cords, no boxes, just pick it up and play.  It also provides a headphone jack for those situations where you need a silent practice.

So what does it sound like?  Surprisingly, and I wasn’t expecting much, it sounds really good.  You get really decent clean tones out of this guitar but don’t expect the neighbor to call the cops on account of you playing to loud.  It has only the one humbucking pickup.  I really wish it was a little louder but when playing without a preamp the volume is pretty low.  Turning up the distortion helps and it does sound pretty cool.   If I need more volume I noticed there’s a 1/4″ jack that allows you to hook up your favorite amp and really rock out.

As far as playing it goes, well, this is where you realize your playing a fender and not just some toy.  It has a nice maple neck and rosewood fret board with 20 medium jumbo frets.  The body is lamenated hardwood and the hardware is all chrome.  It feels pretty sturdy, like it could take some serious abuse.  Even though its a smaller guitar it doesn’t feel awkward at all like some small travel guitars are notorious for.  It pretty much feels just like a normal guitar so playability isn’t a issue.

Overall, I would recommend the Fender Squier Mini Player to anyone who likes to travel, the portablity is just awesome.  Yes, there are smaller electric travel guitars but they do not offer a built in amp and speaker.  Whats interesting is I find myself picking up this guitar over my other guitars even when I’m just messing around at home.  Why?  Because I can just pick it up and start playing.  I really like having it around and I owe it all to by wonderfully smart girlfriend.

What about kids? Well we don’t have any together yet but  this guitar would be perfect for a kid.  A lot of times people buy their kid a guitar for 40 bucks at Walmart to see if they are going to stick with it.  The problem with this is that the guitar sucks and it rarely stays in tune if you can even get it in tune.  Of Course they give up.  This guitar is relatively inexpensive, a quality instrument (not a toy), and its small stature fits perfectly into the arms of a child.

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  1. ChrisC

    Interesting little guitar. I’ve seen similar ones from other manufacturers and figured they were probably substandard. If this one is actually made to Fender/Squier specs it’s probably pretty cool. I have a regular Squier Mini and with a Vox AC-1 (they never should have discontinued that one) in the accessory pocket of the gig bag, it’s *almost* as portable as this little guitar you’ve got here.

  2. mr stig

    Its a really good little guitar with a good sound and the fact that its made by squier/fender adds that feel you know you wont get with some other brands that try the same thing but fail its one cool guitar with your headphone jack and also your choice to plug into a big amp if you so wish and being so portable makes it easy to take anywhere. all round one mean little guitar

  3. Justjules

    I have been trying to locate one of these for my son. Anyone have an idea where I can get this Squire mini player.
    Every place I’ve been says it has been discontinued. Please help!

    1. Wandering Musician Post author

      Hey Jules, that’s correct, they have been discontinued. A few months ago you could find them on eBay almost every day but lately they seem to be drying up. I’ll let you know if I come across anything. Anyone on here wishing to sell one let me know and I’ll relay the information. Thanks

  4. SteveC

    Hopefully good news!
    I just bought one at Sam Ash Music in Westminster, CA!
    They have 3-4 that they are selling as closeouts for $79.95.
    No joke.
    I hope you get this notice in time to try and get one.
    Good luck!

  5. Nick

    Hi guys,

    I am music teacher and am desperately trying to find one of these Squier Mini Players, do you know anywhere I can get them?

    thanks so much!

  6. Lori Lomax

    All you folks looking for Fender Squier Mini They have them at Sweetwater.com

  7. John

    I heard from a salesman at Bill’s Music in Catonsville, MD that Fender doesn’t make this model any longer. He said it’s too bad they don’t, it was a nice little guitar. I looked all over the Fender site but found nothing about it.

    I really wanted one for a trip I’m taking tomorrow!

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