The five most bike-friendly cities in the world

Exploring a city by bike is a really great way to get know it because you feel as though you’re part of
the flow of everyday life. Plus, it gets you there faster than two feet (and often four wheels if there’s a lot of traffic!).

Here is a list of the five best cities to explore on a bike:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro

When Rio created a cycle path alongside the iconic Copacabana beach, they showed a desire to
become cycle friendly. This single path was then extended along other beaches in the city before
being connected to small network of cycle paths providing access to the most interesting parts of it.
Rio de Janeiro recently launched a bike share system, the BikeRio program, which means that any
visitor can borrow a bike and experience the city at their leisure.

Montreal, Canada

Public Bikes

Montreal has been cycle-friendly since the 1980s. The cycle paths are now part of the city’s
infrastructure and are the lifeblood of many city-dwellers. Bike tours flourish in Montreal and are
available in many different forms.

The Bixi (Bicycle Taxi) bike share system is well-used by locals and tourists, and has expanded across
cities in North America.

Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world and has a great blend of ancient and modern sights to
be seen on a bike: shopping at Tsukiji Fish Market, visiting sumo wrestling arenas, Yoyogi Park and
the Meiji Shrine are all great day trips to be done on a bike.

The driving test in Japan is making cycling safer for everyone: it incorporates a practical test where
cyclists are present to ensure drivers know to give enough space and how to overtake safely.

The Gili Islands, Indonesia

Three beautiful islands make up this region of Indonesia. Motorized traffic is banned, so these
islands are possibly the safest on this list – unless you get in the way of a horse-drawn carriage! A
cycle trip around Gili Trawangan – the largest of the three islands – will take about an hour if you
don’t stop to admire the sights.

There is no cycle scheme on the island, but every shop will rent you a bike for a week and it won’t
cost you more than $10.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

bicycle amsterdam photo

Amsterdam is the kingdom of bike-friendliness. The city is naturally flat, so cycling is as relaxed as
the city itself. The speed limits for vehicles are 30km/h, so cyclists don’t have to compete with cars
zipping passed.

Picking up a bike in Amsterdam with the OV-fiets rental scheme allows you to pick up and drop off a
bike at any of the 240 hot spots around the city.

If you’re looking for more bike-friendly cities in Europe, momondo put together this great
infographic detailing all the information you need to rent a bike in five major cities.


Which cities have you found to be bike-friendly?

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