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    A big part of any great post, especially one about traveling is the photos. If you create a post about your caving adventure and include no pictures then you are failing your audience. Include your Photos!

    Sometimes you might not have a photo that conveys your needs. So then what? Sure, you could get photos all over the internet but don’t do this as you’re probably breaking some copyright laws. You could pay for image files from a image hosting site like iStockPhoto but who wants to pay – not me. That’s why your going to use Flickr.

    Flickr is a great source for awesome photos from amateurs and pros alike. One catch, you need to understand the creative commons license a little bit. You see each photo has a license that will tell you what exactly you are allowed to do with the photo. Here are the different licenses.

    Attribution License: Basically you can do anything with this photo but you must link back to the photo or profile on flickr. (THIS IS THE ONE WE RECOMMEND)
    Attribution-NoDerivs License: Same as above but you can’t modify the image. (Also OK, just don’t modify image)
    Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License Can’t modify image and cannot use image for any commercial gains. (Don’t use these as your pages have Advertising, be safe)
    Attribution-NonCommercial License: Same as first one but again you can’t use it for commercial purposes. (Don’t Use it)
    Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Same as above but not only do you need to link to profile you also need to link to the license page. (Again you can’t use for Commercial purposes – Don’t Use)
    Attribution-ShareAlike License: We can use this photo as we desire but must link to both the user profile and distribution license. (I usually don’t bother with this kind)

    Conclusion: If you’re a little bit confused like I was at first don’t be. I’ve included a link to images with only the first one which is a simple Attribution License. These are the ones you just need to link back to the profile on flickr. The easiest way to include a link back to its source is from the edit photo box that appears while you are uploading a photo. See photo below.

    Additional Sites to look at for free Photos
    1.) Stock.xchange
    2.) EveryStockPhoto
    3.) FreeFoto
    4.) PicApp
    note: I have not tried many of these and just happen to stumble upon them while researching.
    Happy Blogging and lets see those photos!

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