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    All of us know the feeling of creating a blog post and watching it sit for weeks as apparent ghost visitors come to visit and then leave without so much as a boo. It can start to feel like your shouting down empty corridors.

    You start to wonder do they like what I’m saying? Are they really reading what I have to say?

    The truth is a very small percentage of people bother to comment at all. In most cases comments come from people who feel very passionate about the subject matter.

    They leave a comment but if you don’t respond to them they feel like you do. Is anyone on the other side of this thing? Does anyone care what I had to say? You should view comments as if it is a discussion and the person is sitting across from you for coffee.

    Why? Because these are the people you want to turn into subscribers. What’s a subscriber? A subscriber is someone who has subscribed to you as a person and what you say present, past and future. These are the people that will come back and read your posts again and again. They will make comments even when they are not so passionate about the subject matter because now they are passionate about liking you as a person.

    A person will make a comment and sometimes they will come back once for validation, sometimes they will come back twice. It’s very rare for them to come back a third time and you just lost your chance to engage a visitor and possibly turn them into a subscriber.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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