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    So I read a post the other day about why you shouldn’t use your ipad as a camera. The number one reason was because you look ridiculous.  Accompanying the post was a few shots of people using their ipad as a camera.  I thought to myself, this would be better if the shots  were all taken at famous landmarks.  I’m sure this phenomenon is taking place all over the world, even at famous landmarks.

    Now sure, this would be a post a long time in the making but that’s when it hit me.  We shouldn’t always be thinking, “OK, what am I going to write about my previous experiences so I can have a post ready to publish in the next week.”  We need to always be thinking it, we need to sit down and gather some interesting ideas in our heads, write them down and then note, take photos, etc of the things you encounter in your daily life that would help contribute to your topic.

    Basically, I’m telling you that you might have a great post idea that has not already happened to you but might happen to you in little bits and pieces past, present and future.  Look for it!

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