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    In this weeks writers workshop I’m going to discuss photos and why your photos are the best photos. Yes, that photo from flickr might look beautiful and when comparing it to your photo it might make yours look amaturish. Still, its your photo, its unique and it’s the only photo that tells “your story”.

    One of the biggest challenges we face as travel writers is getting a audience followed closely by keeping a audience. I can almost guarantee however if you aren’t bringing your posts alive with photos then your doing yourself and your audience a injustice.

    You can be the best wordsmith around but without photos it’s hard to make a personal connection. Sure someone might read your post and say, wow, looks lovely but then they are gone. By including photos, especially ones of yourself during your adventure people begin to identify with you. They begin to feel like they know you. They come back to find out what your doing next.

    So the bottomline is all of us, as travel writers should include our own personal photos to capture the magic of us and our experiences. Cmon, don’t be shy. Also note: if you haven’t updated your profile picture to a actual photo of yourself I really suggest you consider it. Sure those little critters are cute but they say nothing about you. They certainly don’t leave a lasting impression of your idenity.

    Clear cut example: Everyone that has uploaded a personal photo I immediately recongize by their picture. I know who they are. I can easily follow them when I come on this site by clicking on their picture. I know whos profile is who and where I’m going to before I do it. The little critters, not so much. They all start lookign the same and are very impersonal when you as a travel writer are trying to make connections.

    – Lets get Personal fellow travel writers

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